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Rumour: GTA V Set In Hollywood

The cheeky scamps at VG247 are spinning another yarn this morning, flirting with what appears to be one hell of a rumour: Grand Theft Auto V is going to be set in Hollywood.  Yep, that Hollywood.  Ears pricked?

The site’s Patrick Garratt claims, via 500 words of exposition, that Rockstar are going to announce the new title at the Max Payne event.  If so, and if what VG247 are saying is true, consider this one spoiled.

Note that the site doesn’t confirm any sources and as such we can’t possibly suggest any validity to the story – it’s an interesting rumour, and one we’d love to see come to fruition but at this stage it’s absolutely just that.  TheSixthAxis is not privy to this rumour.

We’ll ping off an email to Rockstar, although we’re not expecting anything back.


  1. interesting, just think of the oppurtunities….

    • True Crime Streets of LA – URRKH!

      Rockstar will no doubt do much better :D

  2. Why is it always America :(
    Hollywood might be a little more like Vice City so that’d be cool but I want to see a GTA outside the US. Somewhere in the UK would be awesome but honestly any other country would be a nice change. There are plenty of cities that would offer a whole new gameplay experience, even if you want to stick to English-speaking natives.

    • Agreed, but they have big states and big cities, that’s why… How ’bout Tokyo, Seoul, Moscova??

    • You mean you really want GTA Rothbury? ;o)

      • No, certainly not, I’d prefer GTA V: Grimsby vs Staines or some of the other fabulous locations on offer in the UK lol

      • Awesome i used to live in grimsby that would be cool

      • GTA: Cardiff

        i could burn my school down…..

    • I don’t care where it’s set but I wish there was an option so you could make the cars drive on the left side of the road :P

  3. I used to live in the O of the Hollywood sign… but I had the neighbours from L :)

  4. Seems like far too small a place for me, too, especially given San Andreas was like LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas in one game, Hollywood is just a small part of LA…

    • But they did scale down for 4 so maybe they are doing the same again but adding more interiors and packing in the environment a bit more?

    • Give me a smaller, more vibrant and tightly designed sandbox than San Andreas turd brown snooze fest any day. The decision to down scale for 4 was a good one for me.

      • Couldn’t agree with you more. It was the only GTA game I became bored of and it was down to the geography of the place.

  5. Should be tres interessant. Never got ’round to playing IV, though, so I’m not gagging for this release.

  6. Why would they announce GTA V at a Max Payne event? It would completely overshadow any interest in Max Payne.

  7. definitly not set in rothbury then lol. would like to see a change of country though cos i’m bored with american cities real or not. new york, washington, las vegas, LA have all been done many times not to mention the numerous fake cities games devs have created and put them in the united states. a change is needed but hollywood for gta 5 could work well.

  8. Hollywood = Vinewood = Los Santos = San Andreas

    Please let that be true!

    (BTW i don’t think GTA will ever include real-world locations again)

  9. Wasn’t Los Santos from San Andreas based on Hollywood? It had a sign that was clearly a mock-up of the Hollywood sign anyway.

    • vinewood was the fictional place in san andreas based on hollywood can’t remember which of the 3 cities it was in tho

  10. GTA meets Hollywood, sounds like it could be a ‘Get Shorty’ (Travolta film from 1995) sort of vibe. Are you sure they’re not
    going to announce a move into a feature film GTA ? Either way, its bound to be in 3d…

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