Earthworm Jim HD Dated For PS3

Though we knew Earthworm Jim was due to make a triumphant return to this generation, we now know exactly when the irreverent fridge-launcher wil appear on the PS3. Having enjoyed six weeks of exclusivity on XBLA, the PSN version will hit on July 28th costing a mere €9.99/£7.99.

Don’t forget, Earthworm Jim HD is a spruced up version of the 16-bit classic with added multiplayer for good measure. Here’s a brief reminder of what is coming your way this week.


Source: Official EU PlayStation Blog



  1. Well this one is a cert for me!

    • why hd this tripe
      cmon wheres okami and shadow of the collusus

  2. definite must! any news on trophies?

  3. The ‘Groovy’ at the end sounds like they’ve changed the voice actor which would suck.
    Otherwise, looking forward to playing this again. I love EWJ, and Pete

    • The video won’t work for me so I can’t hear it right now (lousy PS3 browser) but EWJ was originally voiced by Dan Castellaneta of Homer Simpson fame so it would suck if they got rid of him.

      • Ignore my previous comment. I was thinking of the EWJ cartoon, not the game. It was some dude with the unfortunate name of Douglas TenNapel who voiced Jim in the game and to be honest now that I’ve had a chance to watch the video I couldn’t tell you if it was the original voice or not because all I can hear in my head is Dan Castellaneta.

  4. Was an amiga kid growing up so never played the original. Not sure if I’ll be picking this up.

  5. I played most of the greats since 1979 but this is one that escaped me first time round . Hang on a minute i think im thinking of Toe Jam & Earl . Either way i missed both back in the Megadrive days .

  6. Must have.

    A lot cheaper than the SNES £55 price tag.

  7. Must get a tenner in my wallet pronto.

  8. Oh man I remember this game! I use to love this and the cartoon. EARTHWORM JIM! he rockets to the sky! EARTHWORM, EARTHWORM, EARTHWORM Jim. GET. READy. FOR HIIIIIIM!

  9. Hey everyone who’s getting Earthworm Jim HD on PSN add me if you want for the co-op…
    It does have online co-op, right?

    PSN: Excalibur_III

    • EarthWorm Jim HD on PSN has both local and online multiplayer for up to four players.

  10. I’ll defo be grabbing this tomorrow huge fan of the EWJ series, looking forward to the walk Pete levels. Oh yeah anyone know if the multiplayer is local, online or both?

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