Jaffe: “I Hear You”

David Jaffe has posted a note on his blog regarding the reception to Twisted Metal at Comic-Con. He describes an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ reception but noted that some fans were not happy that only four original Twisted Metal characters are to be featured in the game.

“Please keep in mind this Twisted Metal single player and co-op will be more varied than ANY TM you’ve ever played,” wrote Jaffe, “we are NOT doing GTA style missions or vehicle escorts and such BUT we DO have mechanics laid on top of the core campaign deathmatch that adds to the play varied so you don’t get bored.”


“We also have more bosses than any TM game. We also have around 35-45 minutes of live action and- when it’s done- super cool stories in the game (more than- I THINK- we’ve ever done). So while you may be disappointed by the fact that there are currently no plans for Marcus Kane or Bloody Mary or No Face, please know that the one player/campaign game you DO get is going to be the best one we’ve ever made.”

You can see a couple of shots from the in-production live action sequences below. “YES, Tooth is gonna have flaming hair,” Jaffe adds. As you can see from all the green, we’re going to be doing TONS of post effects on these, from adding in the backgrounds, to adding in props, to- in this case- giving Tooth his signature hairdo.”

So will he fans be heard? Will other Twisted Metal characters be added to the game? Maybe.

“We talked about it at breakfast today and discussed possible ways to address the concern,” explains Jaffe, “Can we make those adjustments to the game in the time we have left? Not sure, no idea. But for those who respectfully voiced your issue, it is appreciated, the development and publishing team is aware of your issue, and we are looking to see if there is anything we an do about it. No promises at all. But just so ya know, ya’ll are being heard. And it’s appreciated.”

I’m sure the gaming world appreciates you listening Mr Jaffe. Group hug!

Source: David Jaffe Blog



  1. I love the fact Jaffe takes part in conversations and I know he’ll keep in mind the fact you can’t make everyone happy, but he really is opening himself up to the fucktards that populate most of the interent

  2. Looks like there will be DLC for this one then. That way the game comes out on time and the fans get what they want and it makes more money. Win Win.

  3. Is there a list of the characters then? I swear, if Axel isn’t there, I’ll be pissed :p

  4. oh…. but I only played Twisted Metal on PSP and wouldn’t remember any characters besides Sweet tooth! is that bad?

  5. “So will he fans be heard?” There’s a typo Tuff and nice article :]

  6. Nice to see Jaffe (and other developers) paying attention to the fans. I was very concerned about the SP aspect of this game as E3 only showed the MP element. However, I feel confident that it’s going to be a game I want once more. My love for World Tour never waned.

  7. DLC Kerching guaranteed!

  8. Cannot wait!!!

  9. Okay, so I never owned a PS1 or PS2 which means I have little knowledge of this series.
    But this game has a horrible art style, the graphics are far worse than Warhak and the level that I have seen in action looks barren and lifeless.

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