Awesome Dead Rising 2 Pre-Order Bonus

Extra character skins? Who cares. Free DLC? Not interested. Art cards? You’re kidding me. Capcom have unveiled the pre-order bonus for here in the UK, and in the process raised the bar for any future pre-order goodies.

By ordering the game from the online retailer, you gain access to, a special site that will allow you to upload a picture of yourself, ‘zombify’ it, and then send the image off to be added to your own personal version of the game’s cover art.


Capcom will then print your unique cover at the same quality and size as the original and mail it out to you to switch with the much less exciting cover that comes with the game. Codes to access the website will apparently be sent out the week of the game’s release on October 1st.

Our recommendation: zombify a picture of your closest loved one for the cover to ensure you are mentally prepared for the eventual and inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Source:, via GamerZines



  1. That’s one awesome pre-order bonus.

    • Not that great of a bonus really…who can’t do this at home with PhotoShop?

      • Yeah, but half shabby, and will have to cut to fit etc etc

        come on- a personalised official game cover! thats awesome, not some crappy burned cd with songs from the game you’ll never listen too. or an extra outfit blah blah.

        its ace

      • Me!

        Contrary to popular internet beleif, not everyone is handy with photoshop. And like Blue Heeler said, even if you could create it your self it’s still not going to be the same quality as what capcom is going send you.

        Hopfully this makes it ouside of the UK as well.

  2. *insert “ex-girlfriend picture doens’t need it but still scares me” joke here*

  3. Imagine the scenario. I pre-order the game, access the website and upload a picture of Michael Jackson, zombify his image [insert jokes here], get the customized cover sent to me and then swap it in the box for the original. A few months later I take the game in to GAME for a trade-in and low and behold, a picture of zombie Michael Jackson on the shelf!

    • Creepy, but you do raise a good point – What happens when i am sick of the game & decide to trade it in? Will i see my zombified face in GAME’s pre-owned shelves in the months to come?

      I guess the idea is that you keep the original sleeve somewhere safe, but considering how slack my brain can be sometimes, it may be foreaver lost to ‘the void’ once it is removed & placed somewhere for ‘safe’ keeping!

      • you take the cover out, and put the original back in.

      • People really should read a article shouldn’t they

  4. WOW!

    ..I mean


  5. I’m definately pre-ordering from if I remember this when the game comes out!

  6. I might try uploading a photo of my Home avatar :)

  7. That’s incredible. Very few games can make me pre-order straight away with the free stuff you get for ordering in advance.

  8. That is the most awesome pre-order bonus I have ever seen/heard of

    • LBP2 is probably the best I’ve seen this year.

  9. That is awesome!!!

  10. This was done on either a football or football manager game before – you were able to put your name and number on the back of the shirt on the box.

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