Linkin Park In Medal of Honor

Following the inclusion of Eminem on a Modern Warfare 2 trailer, and his upcoming appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops (a track from new album Recovery will be in the game, although I’m not sure how that fits into the setting), EA have decided that they need a musical mascot for their own new flagship shooter. Unfortunately, they have chosen Linkin Park.

I’m kidding, I’m sure there are lots of people out there who love the ‘Park! Anyway, their track ‘The Catalyst’ from upcoming album ‘A Thousand Suns’ will be appearing in the game, and to celebrate the fact, EA have released a new trailer for the game. It’s pretty much all footage we’ve already seen, but this time Linkin-accompanied.


That isn’t the end of the connection with the game though – the band’s Joe Hahn is currently working on some kind of music video/trailer/advert mashup to be posted on the official Medal of Honor website on the 1st of August, before the song itself is released the following day.

I wonder whether we should be expecting this with all major shooter releases now, or if Activision and EA are just going through a phase.

Source: Press Release.



  1. My word, two of my favourite things :D

  2. Meh, didnt think much of their last album, and Im unsure of this game as well.. Its going to have to try really hard to be different to MW2.

    • “Its going to have to try really hard to be different to MW2” not really, as long as it has a coherent story, polished gameplay and developers without guns aimed at there heads MOH will be incomparable to MW2

  3. Odd sub-title. Rollin’ was by Limp Bizkit, not Linkin Park ?

    • I wasn’t sure, so Googled it. Clearly a lot of people made the same mistake! So yeah, I totally intended that…

    • Yup Limp Bizkit

    • I thought that too.

  4. Erm, Rollin’ was Limp Bizkit, not LP ;) Not sure if that’s what you meant by the sub-title.

    • Think I’m just gonna leave the subtitle puns to the others from now on!

  5. Not to sure of this game and the music choice.

    The game looks decent but after playing Cod4, BF:BC, MW2, ETC I’m kind of burnt out on playing in the “modern” era. Surely it’s about time somebody does something different and changes the Era?

    And as for Linkin Park, They used to be my favourite band until there last album, And judging by this song they are staying with the teen pop rock again :(

  6. Isn’t metal a better theme than hip rock? eh Manowar

  7. I think the music accompanies the video well. Just seems like further in-roads by gaming into blockbuster movie territory… How long will it be before we see licensed soundtracks accompanying every major release?

  8. That song sounds brilliant, I love Linkin Park. Game looks superb too.

  9. whoop whoop!

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