My PSN Spending

When this console ‘generation’ dawned I was very much against the idea of digital content. The thought of buying games and add-ons that I could not physically stand on a shelf next to my scores of PS1, PS2 and other games was utterly abhorrent.

Yet by the time the first purchasable games went up on the PSN, a week after the PS3’s launch in March 2007 here in the UK, me and my credit card were ready and waiting.  So what had changed since Microsoft’s Xbox 360 had kicked off this console generation in December 2005?

For me the key thing was that Sony were letting me pay using actual currency rather than some made-up points-based system so I knew exactly how much I was spending without having to multiply by 0.85.

On top of that as long as I was spending more than £5 I could load my PSN wallet with the exact amount I needed instead of being forced to buy points by the 1,000 when most things are priced in multiples of 400.

Then there was Sony’s ace-in-the-hole in that first week of purchasable content on the PSN – flOw.  A staggeringly beautiful and different game that played to the PlayStation 3’s key strengths of high definition graphics and SixAxis motion control.

I could have bought 2 PS3s and a Wii with that!

In the three and a bit years since then I have bought 155 pieces of digital content off the PSN Store.  Add up the prices of all that content at the time of purchase and it comes to the frankly amazing total of £680.68.  That’s right, I have bought almost seven hundred pounds worth of digital content from the PSN Store.

My actual spend is less than that though as since PSN Cards became available in the UK I have mostly been buying those at 10 or 20 percent off and using those to load my PSN wallet instead of a credit card.

Of course, that means I rarely now load the wallet with exactly the right amount of money which was one of the things I liked about PSN at the start.  This plays straight into Sony’s hands as now when I have a few pence left I tend to use it to buy things like the Flower avatars which is something I would not have dreamt of doing a year ago.

Those avatars are far from the only content that I would never have bought from a retail source other than the PSN Store.  The images at the foot of the post contain the full list of what I have bought and when, including those items I wish I could go back and get a refund for once the initial excitement of a game’s release had passed.  *cough* t-shirt *cough*

Adding up my PSN spending on a per-game basis, these are the top five games and how much I have spent on them:

  1. Burnout Paradise (game and DLC), £71.53
  2. SingStar (songs and song packs), £45.22
  3. LittleBigPlanet (levels and costumes), £29.52
  4. Blue Toad Murder Files, £19.98 (what was I thinking?)
  5. Pain (game, characters, levels), £19.37

Here is a graph of how much I have spent each month:

Graph - Monthly PSN Spend

PlayStation Plus

What got me thinking about all this was signing up for PlayStation Plus last month.  I wondered how much that would impact my PSN spending given all the ‘free’ and reduced price content.  The fact that I have spent over £30 on the PSN Store in the month following the launch of PS+ means the answer may very well be “not very much”.

Given that we do not have any visibility of what titles are likely to feature on PS+ over the year the dilemma facing PS+ subscribers that may decide the fate of the service is that when a PSN title comes out do you buy it then or wait a year hoping that PS+ will feature it?

At the moment PS+ gets the benefit of the doubt from me, though ultimately, like so many things in the PlayStation universe, our answer to the question may depend on which side of the Atlantic we live.  Let’s look at the ‘free’ content the PS+ subscription has given UK users in its first month (deliberately excluding the sign-up-now limited-time promotional copy of LBP, not that it makes much difference):

  • Games and DLC
    – Wipeout HD
    – Field Runners
    – Age of Zombies
    – Destruction Derby
    – KillZone 2:  Steel & Titanium DLC
  • Themes and Avatars
    – LBP Theme
    – SCEE produced: PlayStation “Game Is Just The Start” Dynamic Theme
    – Fat Princess: Pink Princess Avatar
    – Fat Princess: Blue Princess Avatar

And now the comparative list for US PS+ subscribers:

  • Games and DLC
    – WipEout HD
    – Rally Cross
    – Age of Zombies
    – Field Runners
    – Critter Crunch
    – Syphon Filter
    – Kahoots
    – Warhawk Fallen Star Pack
    – Cuboid Booster Pack
    – Cuboid Bundle Pack
    – Cuboid Level Editor
    – Magic Orbz Booster Pack
    – Magic Orbz Jungle Pack
    – Magic Orbz Winter Pack
    – Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Booster Pack
    – Smash Cars: Virus Run
    – Qore Episode 26 (I know it’s not really a game)
  • Themes and Avatars
    – Collision Theme
    – King Zumo Theme
    – MAG Raven Dynamic Theme
    – MAG S.V.E.R. Dynamic Theme
    – MAG Valor Dynamic Theme
    – Bloody Escape Theme
    – Fat Princess: Pink Princess Avatar
    – Fat Princess: Blue Princess Avatar
    – MAG Raven Character Avatar
    – MAG SVER Character Avatar
    – MAG Valor Character Avatar
    – LittleBigPlanet – Sackboy Avatar
    – Heavy Rain Origami Swan Avatar

I will spare SCEE further blushes and not list the games and DLC that have had discounts applied to their purchase for PS+ subscribers as the score there is a similar UK 4, US 19.  It is also open to question how much of an improvement we can expect given SCEE have stated more than once that:

Each month there will be a selection of 1x PSN game, 2x minis and 1x PS One classics. [And] there will be 2 dynamic themes, 2 premium avatars and premium game elements/add-ons for you to download…

It almost seems that between SCEE and SCEA there is some confusion about whether that is monthly or weekly content.  While it is hard to argue against the £40 that a PlayStation Plus subscription costs as being good value for money, how many of us when it comes time to renew our subscriptions in eleven months time will take fairness into consideration.

So that’s the story of my PSN spending and some reflection on the first month of PlayStation Plus.  Do you know how much you have spent or does the thought of totalling it all up scare you?  Is there anything you really wish you could take back for a refund?  If you are a PS+ subscriber, what do you think so far?



  1. I never spend much on the PSN and it ended up that I only paid £15 for PS+ so I have got my moneys worth in the first month put hours into wipeout and the minis.

    I can’t believe how much the US get it’s ridiculous. Really needs sorting.

  2. I have spent barely anything. DLC for COD4. DLC for GRID. GTI Club and DLC for that. Worms. GTA Chinatown Wars for PSP. Everything else has been demos…

  3. I’ve kept extensive track of my spending.
    It’s around £1430 in total, but with £229 spent on PSN.

    Interesting point is PSN cards, without them, I’d have spend an extra £23 this year alone (That’s purchasing them at £15 or £16). If they’d been available to buy from the very beginning, I’d have saved more like £50. So if you spend money on PSN, buy the cards, and buy them when they’re on offer… You’ll reap a huge 20+% saving.

    • I thought about totalling up my PS3 Blu-ray games, but being able to see that I’ve got over 60 I decided against it baring in mind they’ve probably cost around £30 each on average. One of the reasons I’ve only bought 3 so far this year.

      • Got 115 PS3 Blurays here, average price in Norway is £50-60 for a new game, but I imported some and got others cheap. Still, hell of a lot of money for a lot of unplayed games. I traded some in the other day so I could finish setting up my aquarium (gonna re-buy them later), broke my heart to see my shelf torn apart like that; OTOH they gave me £447.

      • Rich Katy… i have only 20 PSN games, 9 PS1 classics and 1 minis= Coconut Dodge. Next year i will find a job.

      • Yes and no. I’ve spent a lot more on games than the average person, but it’s worth remembering the average wage here is £29k, that a pizza delivered costs £30 and a beer costs £6, and a pack of fags costs £8. That should put it into perspective. It’s still alot of money though, even in Norway :S

      • I’ve been doing it as I go along (also with BDs, but I started too late for CDs and other things), so I know exactly how much. Though it pains me every time the total goes up, and I think “HOW MUCH!?” to myself…
        That £1430 does include the PS3 itself and peripherals, mind, so that’s £400 in hardware…

        @Katy, if you weren’t so delightfully ranty, I’m sure you’d have been sectioned many moons ago…

    • Also, £80 of that £229 was on DLC, which is quite impressive. Equally so is LBP, which (having bought it for £40 at launch) sucked an extra £20 from me. Not that I mind much….

  4. Spent crazy amounts of cash on Littlebigplanet…. nothing else is that close to what I had invested on one game. I say around 100+ off LBP DLC.

    £500 – of PSP content thanks to PSN cards (likely £250)

    I have bought alot of games on the Playstation store of all systems now I can’t to see how (long) SCEE can release Turbograx classic Rondo of Blood.

  5. I hate downloads, so i have not spent much, say £30 at max

  6. Bought shit loads of stuff i want to give back. Siren Blood Curse, Battlefield 1942, Fatal Inertia EX to name a couple of the more costly ones.

    Dont really buy a lot from PSN coz i know if i want rid then i am stuck with it. The second hand market is my friend. Always has been

  7. Anyone spent money on something in PS Home?

  8. The disparity between UK(EU) PS+ and the US is bordering disgraceful.

    I had planned to pick up PS+ on the last day of the LBP offer, but now I’m having second thoughts, not because of disparity but because when I see a good PSN game I want to buy it, and not have to wait 2 to 3 months to see if it will up free in PS+

  9. europe gets left in the ditch again. again.

  10. Get this then, i’ve spent over £140 on singstar and i aint played it for well over a year, infact i recon i have spent about 2hours max singing, just can’t resist having these classics, just in case.

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