LBP Limbo Level

Limbo, the spooky, haunting XBLA game is rather good, so says our Head of Biscuits, Alex. He gave the game a show stopping 9/10, calling the game ‘stunning’. The game is only available on the Xbox 360 but some enterprising, sneaky fox has beavered away and created a Limbo-esque LittleBig Planet ‘tribute’. Check the video below but please be aware MAY CONTAIN LIMBO SPOILERS!


Thanks to DrNate86 in the TSA forums!



  1. i really want to be head of biscuits now…

    • Lol i lurve coffee, especially with biccies can i have the job hehe

  2. Wow. What a great level. Little big planet is such a good game :-)

  3. the dead space tribute was also really really good

  4. It’d be cool if they made an entire replica of Limbo… the entire game on PS3 for free (sort of)

    • LPB is going to take over!

    • It might happen with LittleBigPlanet 2.

  5. :D Yay my first news thingymajoob!

    • Top banana, Doctor Nate. Had already seen it in the forum but it’s just so good it deserves a front page mention. Limbo is sublime. It’s one of those utterly beautiful exclusives (like Flower, etc) where you need to go see the friend with the Xbox and play it. A couple of semi-intelligent folk can get through it within 2 to 3 hours but the game is going to stay with you for a long time to come. Everyone I’ve shown it to has been in awe of it’s film-noir beauty.

      Thanks, tuffcub. Splendiferous article. :-)

      • I rushed round to a mates after reading the review and watching the trailer and insisted he download the demo and was in awe of Playdeads achievements with LIMBO, it was haunting, unsettling and incredibly beautiful.

        I find it quite funny that of all the exclusives on 360 it was LIMBO that finally tipped the balance and made me decide to pick up a machine.

  6. Thats actually incredible, I didnt even know you could do that with lighting and such!

    Brilliant. Made me excited for LBP2, Im gonna try be creative this time round!

    • same here!! that level is amazing! i still havent even made anything with LBP

  7. I’ve been making a limbo level myself. I see I wasn’t the only one who thought of that lol.

    • ohhh beating to the finish line. lets see if we can compare them

  8. bloody told ya didn’t i day one i said it but did they listen nooooo

    : )

  9. Really need to buy limbo

  10. LBP is basically the end of everything. LBP2 will be more so.

    Just wait. Within a month of LBP2’s release, there’ll be an alien swarm clone. Guarantee it (cos I’ll be makin’ it, is why!)

    • im a bit silly with anticipation for LBP2 i hope mm go someway to fulfilling my lust for hessian and googly eyes

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