4OD, Meet PS3

Channel 4 could be bringing its 4OD service to the PS3. We reported in June that ITV were in talks with Sony about launching the ITV Player on PS3, and now it appears that Channel 4 are following suit.

An unnamed source from Channel 4 has apparently revealed to Broadcast magazine that they are “… looking to launch on the PS3”.

4OD is already available through a range of sources outside of the Channel 4 website such as Virgin’s on-demand service and the much lauded YouTube partnership. Given iPlayer’s success on the console, it makes sense for 4OD to join the party with their own dedicated application and become the first commercial broadcaster to do so.


Whether this would be available as a free download with un-skippable ads in the programmes, or as part of a PlayStation Plus subscription and ad-free is so far open to speculation. Delicious speculation.

Source: Techradar.



  1. Great all I want is four, ITV is empty of any great tv besides Harry Hill of course

  2. Great to hear as I watch a lot of stuff on Iplayer, Sony this is an offer you cant refuse

  3. Shamone Motherfu**er……….

  4. This is great news, I quite liked the idea of Sky on 360 until I saw the costs involved. If they can secure the catch-up services of the rest of the terrestrial channels that’d be another major feather in Sony cap.

  5. Cool, i’m hoping that – like the 4OD service on pc, the PS3 version can be viewed outside UK too.

  6. yes 4od i will no longer have watch lq vidoes on youtube of my fave programs.

  7. This is brilliant. I always thought the ‘TV’ section looked a little empty on the XMB apart from play TV and iplayer. 4oD and ITV player would be awesome. Can never moan about FREE stuff. You dont have to use it. Hope this is true. :)

  8. Hope it happens, then I watch BB episodes I have missed.

    • ….then I can watch a few comedies once BB is gone for good

  9. 4oD, ITV player and the 5 player will do thanks :)

  10. I’d love a full TV section with iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD and Five’s offering. It’d be nice to be able to catch-up on shows I’ve missed on my TV rather than my laptop’s screen!!

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