Killzone 3 Beta May Be Imminent

Wow, a whole weekend of little-to-no news and then this little beauty lands in our inbox. Tipped by a reader and reported via Product Reviews (also via Ironstar) comes a big hint that Guerilla Games’ much anticipated third installment may be about to get a beta.

We have no official confirmation of this but there is a section of the Killzone website which asks users to log in with their PSN account details and then returns you to a login page. There’s also some services that appear to be listed on the PlayStation Network Store (and pictured in the below images from Ironstar). With Gamescom just around the corner and an activation date in these images of the 10th of August (or 8th of October if it is using US date formatting) we might be about to hear something rather special for fans of the PlayStation-exclusive. Or it might all be an extremely early placeholder and an elaborate hoax.


I would say “roll on Gamescom” but I’m also tempted to remind you all of the large announcements that Sony made just before E3. Could we be about to see another big announcement before a show?

Thanks, aerobes.



  1. This looks shoppped, i can tell from some of the pixels and having seen a few shops in my time.

    IMO 100% fake, if you look at the BETA listings, MAG is number 8 whilst KZ is number 11; and why would we have to reopen our KZ2 BETA to access KZ3 BETA?

    • They must be pretty talented ‘Shoppers if that’s the case as they’re apparently altering my screen in real-time; my Services List matches those images.

      The images are perfectly legitimate.

      • where is the service list?

      • Account Management, Transaction Management, Services List. I think. It’s easy enough to find with a bit of nosing around.

        Anyway, the entry itself is clearly for an updated version of; during the Killzone 2 Beta we were given access to test the website’s functionality as well. Presumably this means we’ll be seeing new web-based features for the third game, perhaps video replays or screenshot sharing.

      • Fair enough haha, you got me there :)

    • Good use of a meme there.

  2. I’ve already played it at PSBeta, it was quite good, I don’t think you will be able to play as much as what I did though. P.S. the ‘Jet packs’ aren’t jet packs at all, they give you a boost upwards and forward, I was hoping for more than that, maybe it was just the level I played? =/

  3. awww i truly love this for the tom waits quote int he sub heading :D
    oh and woooo beta

  4. well, i logged in, so i’m definitely signed up for whatever it is…

  5. wow, didnt expect this!

  6. First of all, Killzone 2 had a Beta, so why wouldn’t Killzone 3 have one?
    Second, it may just be a website beta, as the word “website” appears in most of the screenshots.
    Think guys, think.

  7. There is a link on the PlayStationTEAM twitter account for the beta login page. I have tried logging in with my PSN account but it says you need the ‘Right permission to view the rest of the site’ whatever that is?? (PS+ maybe)

  8. Wahey a Tom Waites reference…good show CB!

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