Call of Duty 8 To Use Soldiers’ Real Experiences

Sledgehammer Games’ Glen Schofield has provided an intriguing insight into what is sure to be yet another massive Call of Duty game. Squirreling away on the 8th version of the popular franchise for Activision, Schofield has mentioned on Twitter how the studio are currently working with real-life military personnel, the aim of incorporating some of the guys’ actual experiences into their game – with the necessary names and locations changed of course. He said:

“Working w/ military guys – their stories will blow you away. Names/locations will change but some situations going in the game – real stuff!”

It’s an interesting concept, suggesting Call of Duty 8 will definitely not be one of those proposed Modern Warfare spin-offs set in space, under the sea or in the future, etc. Unless of course he’s thinking of some real big name changes.


For audiophiles out there, Schofield has also commented on the game’s music, stating how this title will have a better score than his last game, Dead Space – made when Schofield headed up Visceral. He claims:

“Picking composers for the game. Fun stuff, think we found a great fit. Audio will be better than what we did on Dead Space.”

Finally, and speaking of Visceral, the Sledgehammer head doesn’t seem too optimistic that Dead Space 2 will match the first game’s quality. Answering a tweet inquiring if he’s confident that those still at Visceral are up to the task of delivering a great sequel, Schofield responded:

“Don’t know. Most of the directors, leads and others are at Sledgehammer now. Still good people at Visceral but lots of turnover. We’ll see.”

Source: The Twitters (tweets edited for readability)



  1. shh noone tell the daily mail

  2. Isn’t this exactly what DICE have done with the new Medal of Honor? Points for original thinking there…

    • surly they’ve worked with military people before?

    • I think the difference is, medal of honour are using real life characters, and working with them on how they deal with certain situations and tactics they use etc. What’s being said here on the other hand is that they will be incorporating real life missions, exactly how they happened, from the perspective of the actual people that fought the battles.

      • ok well oh come call of duty can do this but 8 days in Fallujah can’t?

  3. dead space 2 > dead space 1

    • No guarantee. The first game was amazing, but that doesn’t automatically make the next game better.

    • doubt that, Dead Space was just so good i don’t think it will be topped.

  4. haha i like the lil’ caption

  5. This guy can say whatever he likes. I will not however be buying his (or any other COD) game. I will of course be pre-ordering Dead Space 2 w/ Extraction, Ignition, Aftermath & Salvage. I have just finished reading Matyr, which is great.
    Praise Altman.

  6. Medal of Honour had an awesome score back in the PS2 days, it’s in my head now..

    • agreed, great game back then, not sure it will hold up though. Single player it will, MP it wont I don’t, based on the beta.

  7. So they’re doing what DICE are doing with Tier 1 Soldiers in MoH. At least there won’t be any civillian massacres or friendly fire situations in the game – oh wait.

  8. I never really like schofoeld, he has a bucket head, if you don’t mind.

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