New MAG Beta Starts Next Week

With the announcement that MAG is getting support for Sony’s Move motion controller, Zipper Interactive have updated the game’s blog to tell us that Move is not all they have planned for the title’s future.

Starting next week, a new MAG beta program is opening up. At the heart of the program is testing for an upcoming game mode (to be released as DLC) called “Escalation”, which sees 32 players from each PMC battling it out on the same map. The DLC (and therefore the beta) will include three all-new faction-neutral maps dedicated to the mode.


Also in the test is a “Clan Deploy” feature that eases queues for large groups, a revamped skill tree, multiple character slots, nine new weapons, and a new “Credit Points”-based economy system – in which you can earn points by “completing objectives, finishing missions, and killing enemies” to be spent on new weapons and equipment.

On the subject of Move support for the game, community manager Jeremy Dunham had this to say: “This added support means that users have another way to experience the most ambitious first-person shooter out there. Pinpoint accuracy and easy access to all of the game’s mechanics ensure that players of any type — be they hardened veterans or new recruits — can enjoy a shooting experience unlike any other.”

The beta will be available from the PlayStation Store in next week’s update, and Move support will be coming “later this Autumn” – let’s hope it’s not too much after launch.

Source: MAG Blog; thanks dude90!



  1. 32 vs 32 … now thats a mode!

    • No, 32 vs 32 vs 32! Now THAT’S a mode.

  2. Thanks for mentioning me, can’t wait to play it. Hope to see some of you guys there.

  3. Wanted to buy this game when it came out…never got around to it. None of my friends have it either so, I guess it’s a no go. I might give it a go when I get the Move though.

    • Give it a go! We Could do with a few more people ;)

      And ;( on not having my comment seen first!!! xD

    • It’s only £23 on ShopTo!

  4. I’m guessing this is for Playstation Plus subscribers only?

  5. Shiiiiit.

    Need to buy MAG.

    Is it worth trying it out at this stage peeps?

    • if you like fps teamwork games then played properly, Mag has no equal. Really looking forward to this. Zipper are doing a great job supporting this under-valued game. :)

  6. I hope the beta is world-wide

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