PS3 Jailbroken?

We got a news tip from one of our readers this morning which contains some alarming news, if true. The link we were provided with took us to a forum post (we won’t be linking to them from here) which claims to have “Jailbroken” the PlayStation 3.

The modchip seems to come as a USB dongle, claims to be completely compatible with original and slim versions of the console and allow the playing of “backups” from either the internal hard disk or an external, USB disk. They claim that it supports all current software, although they won’t guarantee online functionality for future titles.


Homebrew is also supported but it won’t allow the playing of software from previous consoles (no backwards compatibility). The page they link to for retail of this device (which we’re also not giving any publicity to) wouldn’t load when we tried it but there are claims that the retailer will be ready to go within 48 hours.

Essentially, this is a device which (regardless of the claims made) voids your warranty and makes your console unstable and unsupported by the manufacturer. The site in question makes cursory mentions of homebrew and naive attempts to sidestep the illegality of the device by saying that it’s for playing “backup” software.

Make no mistake: this device, if real, will mostly be used to pirate software and steal from creative individuals. That’s something that we never condone. We hope that, if this device turns out to be real, Sony’s lawyers are all over it.



  1. After seing the video this looks quite real to me.

  2. The USB dongle is fake. This “news” comes around every so often and is always fake. Some scammers trying to make money or want to be famous for 2 seconds.

  3. There is little to suggest this is real so far. There are videos but, like many fakes, the PS3 is out of shot when the game loads so there is no way to see if a game is just being slipped in.
    It seems too perfect as well. From unhackable to a 1 second, idiot proof USB solution that doesn’t require any tracable modification of the console or affect other features?

    Smells like BS to me

    • Also, there’s no way of knowing for sure what unit/ that TV is connected to

  4. Rumours are that this will only work with a debug console, and only dumps games, not plays them.

  5. I think if this were true Sony would have a new firmware within days. Look how quickly they reacted to GeoHots crack. personally I cant see how a usb dongle would achieve this since it must interface at too high a level to create a security hole

    • Haha, do you mean Geohot’s hack? Not Geohot’s crack?
      I don’t think they did anything about the dude’s arse.

      • Im not so sure – he retired pretty soon after lol

  6. Let’s hope this ain’t true.

  7. And now, as a pre-emptive movement. Sony removes the use of USB ports!!! YAAAAAY.

  8. i’ll believe it when i see it, not first hand mind, wouldn’t buy one myself.
    other than breaking the security so bad that you can run copies on unmodded hardware, as happened with the dreamcast, this is one of the worst things that could happen to the ps3 as far as piracy goes, a mod that doesn’t require opening the ps3.
    maybe it would technically void the warranty, but if it’s just a usb device, sony might not be able to detect it has been used, unless of course a person were dumb enough to send their ps3 to sony with the copies on the hard drive.

  9. I’ve noticed an advert popping up in my regular news searches on google, claiming to allow you to backup your games but i presumed it was just a fake.

  10. Actually looking into this, I wonder how many X360 sales are down to piracy, it seems pretty rampant to me with all pirates owning 2 consoles. 1 with a live subscription for playing CoD & Halo and the other not plugged in and running ‘backups’ of all other games.

    This may go some way to explaining why CoD & Halo are always played so excessively in the weekly Xbox Live traffic reporting.

    If the worst has happened it’s a good job Sony aren’t making a loss on each PS3 sold, as sales could go through the roof.

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