PS3 Jailbroken?

We got a news tip from one of our readers this morning which contains some alarming news, if true. The link we were provided with took us to a forum post (we won’t be linking to them from here) which claims to have “Jailbroken” the PlayStation 3.

The modchip seems to come as a USB dongle, claims to be completely compatible with original and slim versions of the console and allow the playing of “backups” from either the internal hard disk or an external, USB disk. They claim that it supports all current software, although they won’t guarantee online functionality for future titles.


Homebrew is also supported but it won’t allow the playing of software from previous consoles (no backwards compatibility). The page they link to for retail of this device (which we’re also not giving any publicity to) wouldn’t load when we tried it but there are claims that the retailer will be ready to go within 48 hours.

Essentially, this is a device which (regardless of the claims made) voids your warranty and makes your console unstable and unsupported by the manufacturer. The site in question makes cursory mentions of homebrew and naive attempts to sidestep the illegality of the device by saying that it’s for playing “backup” software.

Make no mistake: this device, if real, will mostly be used to pirate software and steal from creative individuals. That’s something that we never condone. We hope that, if this device turns out to be real, Sony’s lawyers are all over it.



  1. Ive just been having a nosey round some websites, and it all seems very real, even the hardcore pirates are starting to believe, i really hope its all bullshit. but hey if it works, perhaps every ps3 owner can buy one just so we dont have to pay activisions stupid prices lol – JOKE –

    • The site that’s done it, and the site that’s providing the info are respected. Looking through their archive articles, they aren’t scammers and aren’t fooled by someone elses scam.

      One theory is the price seems extraordinarily high not because its new, but because they need to make a quick hit because they know it will be so easily disabled by Sony.

      • yeah, i just read that, £120 for it apparently, all sounding too real for my liking!

  2. Fake, dont believe it

    • Not only is it confirmed by nearly all respected sites that specialise in such things but technical minded people outside of those circles are now saying its real.

  3. I don’t see how this would work, since the PS3 can’t/won’t run code on a USB stick. If it does, though, perhaps GeoHot wasn’t the genius people thought he was; after all, if he overlooked something so obvious…

    Still, I don’t see why people post news articles like this.

    Okay, you can call it news, but for all the ‘we won’t publicise it’ claims, that’s just what you’re doing by posting the article in the first place.

    Anyone interested is now going to go off and search for the site. Okay, they may have found out about it eventually anyway, but by shining a light on it with this article, you only serve to expedite matters.

    • It is news about the PS3 (quite big news). I would think a lot less less of this site if they didn’t mention it and I read it somewhere else!
      To be honest, this is the kind of news that could make mainstream news sites so to read it on the BBC or something having heard nothing on here would make a bit of a mockery of thesixthaxis as a gaming news site!

    • I see your point Paranoimia, and respect it and in an ideal world no one would mention it so it stays in the dirty dark forum it belongs on, but this will be everywhere by the end of the day, should we just stick our head in the sand and only report on the no doubt soon-to-be forthcoming patch?

      It’s now on Eurogamer so it’ll be a small matter of time before Auntie Beeb and her mainstream chums pick up on it, just like they did with OtherOS hack attempts

  4. DS roms is far enough IMO, this sort of thing sucks :/

    • I don’t see the difference, but that’s a whole debate I really don’t want to get into.

  5. I’m sorry for my stupidity by what does ‘jailbroken’ actually mean? I’ve never heard this phrase before. From reading the rest of the article I’m guessing that it means PS3 games can be pirated. Is this right?

    • On the iPhone it means you can use the existing hardware and software free of Apple’s shackles, this also enables people to run unapproved software and of course copies.

      Because the term has become omnipresent it’s just been coined for the PS3 too, even though what happened is little more than just cracking it.

      • Thanks. I would have asked on yahoo answers but I probably would have got a response like ‘Your mum’.

    • Yeah, It was originally coined for iPhone hacking because of how limiting Apple have been with the device the idea is that you are breaking out of the jail of their limitations.
      It has, slightly annoyingly, started being used for almost any kind of hack, crack or exploit now despite many being vastly different to that process.

  6. What a load of bull. There is no way this can be done, as other people have said.

  7. Well it appears to be real. There’s also confusion as to whether or not the process can be copied to work on a regular USB stick.

    Not good for Sony and their resistance to piracy if it does indeed turn out to be true, the team seem confident that the stick can be updated to counter any changes to the system made by Sony.

    The irony in all this if it’s true is that despite the difficulty there obviously is in hacking the PS3, the hack itself is ridiculously easy to implement by an end user :(

  8. Sony kinda had this figured out from day 1 the PS3’s BD drive gets flashed every time a software update gets released so running pirate BD games on the PS3 is impossible running them from an external drive dont work anyway if you use the hack you proberly wont be able to sign into PSN anyway as the servers would detect the hack and stop you from signing in due to the hack been unleashed on PSN’s servers and going into everyones PS3. the PS3’s BD drive cant rip BD’s anyway let alone DVD’s and thats a hardware dependent and i doubt Sony is going to put a BD-RE drive in the PS3 thats capable of ripping PS3 BD’s they dont even show up in a standered BD drive they show up as blank and all PS3 BD games have the same encryption and security as BDROM/BDMV movies which makes them impossibe to rip not even Sony’s official software on my old Vaio lappy could rip BD movies even though it claimed to do so cos of the encryption on the disc’s the only way you can rip a BDMV is drop n drag

    • But surely all the hack is is some code that makes the PS3 think it’s doing what the game requires and rips all the disk’s data before rebooting and running a Virtual Drive like many different pieces of software can on your PC.

      • yes but you would need custom software on the PS3 for it to do that and the like I said the PS3’s BD drive must be capable of ripping BD’s which its not so it will be impossible to rip a game directly on the PS3 like some people have said in the video you cannot see what device is being used to rip the game/movie which makes what I said true even though you know it is. The PS3’s BD drive is incapable of ripping PS3BD and BDMV’s iut can only rip CD’s as we know, but thats the red laser ripping the CD’s NOT the Blu violet laser used to read BD’s so again thats that just proves my point true it just aint possible to rip BD’s of any kind on the PS3 it would have to be done on a PC then copied over to your PS3 and then you would need to get the BD drive on your PC to read PS3BD

      • @squashme

        Seriously, what the hell are you banging on about (here and in three posts below)?

        You talk about the laser not being capable of ‘ripping’ but do you actually know what ripping is? It’s READING the content on the BR disc, then writing it to the HDD. I’m pretty sure the BR drive in the PS3 is capable of READING the content on the BR disc, in fact, I’ll give my left testicle to charity if you can prove me wrong. Also, you’ll need to find a charity that is looking for testicles.

    • Backing up Blu-ray movies on a PC has been possible for anyone with a Blu-ray drive for ages.

      The developers of this USB equipment claim (and sites that are respected in such circles confirm its true) to be able to back-up Blu-ray games to a HDD (external or internal) on FW 3.41 (the current one) and by using the USB thingy run these back-ups again in FW3.41

      Anyone who runs any back-up services is likely to be blacklisted online just the same as they are on other devices.

      I’d expect FW 3.42 to launch soon rendering these devices useless, however the developers of the device claim that the device is patchable, presumably we could see the start of the firmware wars that dogged the PSP1000 & 2000

      • but my point is is that the PS3’s BD drive is not a BD ripper and thats hardware dependent you cant just lump a peice of software on a USB stick and expect to rip a BD game to the PS3 cos its not possible Sony would need to add a BD ripper to the PS3 which is not very likely in order for you to rip a PS3 game on the PS3’s BD drive plus as i said the BD drive gets flashed everytime theres a software update released rendering pirate BD games impossible to run on the PS3. I no you can rip BDMV’s but the only to do that is to drop n drag all the content from the disc to PC not even Sony’s official ripping software whic claims to be able to rip BDMV’s to backup cannot do that like i said ive tried that on old Vaio lappy and it wouldnt do it. sure theres BD ripping software out there am not saying that but there all painfully slow drop n drag is much faster way to back up BDMV’s ive tried it sure it took me a few hours but it was faster than through ripping software

      • @squashme (wish granted)

        cc is dead right.

        Please refer to my generous testicle offer above.

    • true, but the point of the hack is to over ride this. Whether the dongle does this or not is the question.

      • thats what im trying to get over to these people that understand pure fact wether the dongle does it or not is the question but the fact remains the blu ray laser in the PS3 would have to be capable of ripping PS3BD which its not only Sony and the BDA would know. but its the same for the red laser that reads DVD’s and CD’s it would have to be capable of ripping for you to do it. If it was possible they would have come up with this years ago for |DVD players with biult in HDD’s (DVD PVR’s) but they havent so it isnt possible

      • There is DVD & Blu-ray PVR’s but obviously the copy protection on DVD & blu-ray means you can only copy from HDD to optical disc and not the other way round. any attempts to circumnavigate the DVD/BD copy protection would be deemed as being illegal and therefore the devices would be unsellable

        So I’m afraid I don’t understand your point.

        I’ve seen the vids of them backing up their Blu-ray games, other than it turning out to be an elaborate hoax (which the 2 companies involved would never do, as it’s their business) then not only can it be done but it is being done.

        If its a hoax then this is how its done, they’re running demo machines which are capable of running unsigned code, and all they’ve done is actually design some software to dump a copy of the BD on to the HDD and designed a bootloader (or something) to manage a boot these copies. They do however claim they are running a retail 40gb PS3 running FW3.41 There future reputation in the circles they work in depends on them not lying.

      • @squashme

        *sigh* Ripping has nothing to do with the type of laser. It’s purely a function of software to tell the drive to read information from the disc. That information is then written to a HDD for later use. The reason commercial PVRs and the like can’t ‘rip’ DVDs or BRs is because their software explicitly prevents that operation, not because the laser is incapable of reading the information on the disc. How else would it play your movies or games if it couldn’t read them? Honestly, have you thought your theory through at all?

      • @squashme.
        DVD’s had a key that disables copying via windows explorer, a kid wrote 12 lines of code that disabled the encryption.
        Blurays are the same, once you know the code, the movie plays or conversely it can then be ripped to a HDD. The hardware has little to do with it beyond reading the data.
        This is a massive over simplification, and I’m sure Katy could write a detailed peice on how bluray encryption works, but needless to say that once the key code is known, you can pretty much do what you want with the disc.

  9. I would go and find this site but i wouldn’t know where to start or what to type into Google.

    • O…k

      The title of this news post might be a good start.

  10. I hear discs ejecting in the movies that they have uploaded when you do not see the PS3’s…greatest PS3 hoax of all time? At $120 pre-orders where they take your money 24 hours after order and NOT on shipment of the goods which is eta 27th August makes this very dodgy…

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