PlayStation Plus Members Getting R.U.S.E. Demo Early

Pitchforks and partisan opinions at the ready folks, PlayStation Plus members are about to get another “perk”. R.U.S.E., Ubisoft’s clandestine real-time strategy game due for a release on September 7th, will enjoy a demo, available to all on September 1st. Unless you’re all plussed up, of course, in which case you’ll be directing tanks and getting the jump on your opponents today.

We’re not sure if the early look with support Move (which the full game does), but we’re sure there’ll be an update on the blog shortly.

[Update] As promised, we’re back with the Move update. Yes, the demo includes Move support.

Source: Official EU PlayStation Blog



  1. I’m willing to wait an extra week for those.
    If they made it one month earlier, I might’ve gotten plus.

    • for this*

    • Wah you would really pay the subscription just so you could play a demo earlier

      • I have PS+, i got it for the savings on games….. this demo is justa cherry… hardly a reason to get plus, but cool for those of us who have it.

      • Im a fully paid up member to but im not smug at having a demo a bit early

  2. I’m willing to wait an extra 2 weeks so that I can play it with Mov (if it has it).

    There is zero point to an RTS on a console when playing with a gamepad. Zero. It’s just 100% horrible.

  3. Apart from the freebies that plus offers, which if you don’t own them are a bargain, plus doesn’t really offer much else in my opinion. Getting a demo 1 week early isn’t a huge incentive.

  4. I’ll wait till it comes out with Move.
    Any word on the 3D version for PS3?
    There is a 3D PC version, but they couldn’t tell me about a PS3 version at gamescom, so anybody got some news on that?

  5. cool, looking forward to the demo. bit crap i have to wait until september, but still against the idea of paying someone to try a demo, a demo that is affectively an advert/promo for a game they want me to buy?!?!?!? still baffles me. if i was a publisher i would want as many people as possible to get there hands on my demo for as long as possible before release in order to boost sales…or do i not understand the purpose of a demo???

  6. me too. It’s only a week away and everyone gets it anyway so they are releasing to everyone still.

    • yea, everyone gets it, but some earlier than others just seems daft. that extra week of people trying and having it could lead to more interest. I wonder if publishers can opt out of these PSN+ demos?

      • yeah I can see what you mean. It does seem silly from publishers point of view. I wonder how it’s decided which ones are for P+ and which ones are not.

      • haha, i have seen a method of determining important out comes i have seen on TV, i think its done a bit like this: (crap sync, but you get the

  7. ******** NOFI ********

    You HAVE to get this demo and tell us if it works with Move. Puh-puh-puh-please sir, can we have some more?

    I’m extremely interested to know what control scheme R.U.S.E has implemented, particularly after seeing the RTS tech demo Sony did recently.

    PS: Happier and happier to be a PSN+ subscriber :)

    • Ok, Im not really Nofi, but R.U.S.E. works pretty slick with the move.
      When you hold the trigger you move the camera where up is zoom-out and down is zoom-in. You control the map with the stick on the Navigation controller (or a dualshock ofcourse). You select units but using the Action-button and have various other functions with the “normal” buttons, it actually feels pretty much the same as the techdemo, although I haven’t been able to select multiple units by drawing a line around them. It ,might be possible, but I actually never tried :P

      I just love R.U.S.E. in combination with the Move, first day buy for me!

    • See above. Move support confirmed.

  8. I’ll wait a week, thanks.

    • you can definitely wait, i’ve just canceled my pre order, It’s more than dissapointing.

  9. I have been waiting for this since one since last year, normally I wouldn’t consider paying for a demo and there is little to interest me on PS+ but given that I have a nice long bank holiday ahead of me I will pay the 90 day fee and have some fun over the next few days rather than wait a week when I won’t have the time to enjoy as much.

  10. WOW, i dont care about this game (pointless again from plus), omg a week early

    • good for you.

      • btw that was meant to be sarcasism if i didnt look like

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