BBC Games Go into Overdrive

The BBC are gearing up to announce their first wave of titles based on their own shows. At present there is a free episodic Doctor Who game for the PC and forthcoming Wii and DS titles for the same program.

The BBC has assembled a team of gaming veterans including former THQ and Disney Interactive exec Paul Joffe and ex-creative director for Vivendi, Ben Badgett.  The man in charge is BBC Worldwide’s EVP of Digital Entertainment, Robert Nashak, who said;


“I am trying to build a team that really understands how to get to the meat of the matter when it comes to brands.”

“Top Gear is a priority for us. We are coming out with an American format of Top Gear. If that takes off, and I hope it does, then I believe that Top Gear will become a powerhouse global brand.”

Nashak also suggested the Doctor Who download game could get a retail release and also hinted at games for ‘In The Night Garden’, ‘Lonely Planet’,’ Strictly Come Dancing’ and rather excitingly, ‘Torchwood’.

As previously mentioned so far the games have been for PC and Nintendo only and no other formats have been announced, however if the BBC are serious about gaming then they cannot overlook the tens of millions of players on Xbox 360 and PS3.  Lets hope they have a decent Top Gear racer planned and an epic Torchwood action adventure title.

Oh and a Kinect based Strictly game, you had all better start practising your Foxtrot right now – and step two three four and turn two three four!

Source: MCV



  1. Strictly Come Dancing – Kinect

    • Can’t wait, the best game ever….Not!

  2. I think a Torchwood game could be amazing fun! Want!!

    • woulda been better if they hadn’t killed off Toshiko.

      • Yeah! I liked Tosh… and Owen… and Ianto… Anyway, here’s hoping the Torchwood game takes inspiration from Heavy Rain. Now that would be cool.

  3. What about Cash in the Attic game? Sounds like fun

    • I wish To make love to you…

  4. Could the BBC be seen to afford to cough up the millions needed for development of a HD game for PS360? That being the case I’d expect their low budget PC approach with Wii/DS spinoffs to continue.

    Maybe they could knock something together for the XBLA because porting from PC wouldn’t be too hard, but the PSN may be a different matter altogether

    • They do have a tough battle because of their funding. A good full 7th gen game would cost a lot to develop and then what do they do with the profits?

    • The games arm of the BBC is not funded by license payers – its seperate, like BBC America. No license fee money will be used.

      • Ah, ok. That’s probably good news then.

  5. Who on Earth would want a Top Gear game once GT5’s out?!

    • I thought that. I’m actually glad they aren’t working on it already or they might have witheld all the awesome content that GT5 is gonna have.

  6. I’m assuming Top Gear will feature something about GT5’s recreation of their test track.

  7. I saw the Top Gear US trailer and nearly cried. It looks so bad. So I doubt its gonna be a hit over there but you never know.

    • American car culture is a much bigger thing with vastly differing sub-cultures. Top Gear would have to be very different to work well over there.

      • The UK version is already fairly popular over there. It’s shown on BBC America AFAIK and it’s one of their most popular programs. The US audience tend to enjoy the British comedy.

  8. I’m calling it now – Singstar: Songs of Praise will be the Christmas 2011 No.1 in the cross-format chart.

    • I sense a Church Hero crossover, complete with 60-key organ-keyboard and a great big thing you need to pump first…

  9. If the BBC created a PSN title where I could use the Move controller to bludgeon Bruce Forsyth to death, I’d definitely part with some cash. :-p

    • That would be a *puts on shades* good game, good game

      • and some DLC to allow TSA members to be added. ;-P

    • Nice to see you, to see you.., eh! eh!

    • Genius idea. Who do we petition to get Bruce as bonus opponent in The Fight?

  10. I bet the American Top Gear will be dreadful. They will all be young and hip and talk about cars too much and look too nice.
    PS3/360 games? Not bloody likely. BBC games seem more like Wii/DS/PC kinda budget stuff.
    Having said that I wanna play Eastenders deathmatch online.

    • Eastenders deathmatch would be fucking amazing! I’d play as Peggy Mitchell with a Shotgun on the Old Vic map.

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