Sony Block PS3 Mod Device

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has been granted a temporary injunction to block the  sale and distribution of those pesky mod chips.  Until August 31st no one will be able to sell, import or export the devices and any firms with stock will have to release the units to Sony.

Sony has until the end of the month to convince the courts that a permanent ban should be in place, if they do not then sales will resume come September 1st. Here’s hoping Sony can do something to limit the potential for piracy that these chips present.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Its a shame to see hard-working developers and companies (especially 3rd party) who have invested millions into their products lose out on valuable income as to be pirated, although the device at hand has some good legal uses, its wrongdoing potential greatly outweighs the pros and worse enough is the majority of purchases will have the latter in mind. Boooo Ps3 Jailbreak.

    (FIRST POST ON THE SITE OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! :D )

  2. To those attacking Australians, you do relise that this device in question was actually created in china?

    so we should be making jokes about china as well, so that we are being fair

  3. Long Live PS3.

    Piracy is no good on any level.

    Look at the damage its done to PSP!!!

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