iPad Gets HD Grand Theft Auto

The PSP version of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was (and is) utterly brilliant, our 9/10 review claiming that it was “everything that’s made the GTA series such a massive critical and commercial success in the palm of your hand” with the PlayStation Portable offering enough improvements over the earlier DS version to “make it worth buying all over again.”

The game has since found release on another portable platform, the iPhone, where it faces competition from Gameloft in the form of their more ‘traditional’ take on the genre with the Gangstar series, the first set in Los Angeles and the second, due soon, based in Miami.


Unfazed, Rockstar last night announced that Chinatown Wars is coming to the iPad next Thursday, with “brand new updated, high definition graphics” and more than 50 missions. It’s not cheap, coming in at £5.99, and we’re still hoping that Rockstar are working on a third person title to fully take advantage of the added grunt of the newer iDevices.

However, Chinatown Wars is an excellent game, and we’re hoping to have a look before it hits the App Store.

We’ll keep you updated.



  1. Will it look as good as the PSP version did? Will they add anything that makes it worth me buying it fir a third time?

  2. does anybody actually use the ipad outside?

    i worry about getting my psp out while i’m out and about for fear of it getting nicked, so i couldn’t see me ever taking an ipad out, if i ever managed to afford one.

  3. Ill stick with my PSP thanks :)

  4. Funny how we consider £5.99 as “not cheap” yet if I buy both the iPad and the iPhone versions separately, I’ve still spent less than half of what I would have to pay on PSN.

    with serious quality games starting to appear on ios devices Sony and developers really should consider their pricing structures. If the rumoured 7″ iPad is true too, that would be an outstanding replacement to a PSP. I much prefer playing games on my iPad than my iPhone, but it is a little large as a portable gaming device, and the iPhone is a little small so that the controls take up a large percentage of screen real estate.

    • That’s what I was thinking. Let me get this right, there’s a person on the planet who things £5.99 isn’t cheap for a GTA game.

      *watches universe shift violently*

      Say what?!!

  5. Is there anyway of playing Chinatown Wars on my PS3?

    • The only way I can see around this is by playing the PSP version on the PSP whilst sat on the ps3. So in short no.

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