Valkyria Chronicles 3 Reveal At TGS?

It’s not the first time we’ve speculated that an announcement regarding Valkyria Chronicles 3 was imminent. With the first game adored by its fans and its handheld sequel picking up rave reviews, we’re quietly confident Valkyria Chronicles 3 not only exists, but it’s about to be revealed real soon.

How soon? Check out this site where a top secret message clearly states that something is coming on the 16th of this month – the same day that TGS just so happens to kick off. With the inclusion of a tank, the unmistakable silhouettes of Squad 7 and the URL in question (the first game was set in an alternate 1935), we’d be shocked if anything but Valkyria Chronicles 3 is revealed by Sega on the day.


We also have a funny feeling the franchise is heading back to the PlayStation 3. But that is just speculation on our behalf. More like wishful thinking if we’re being entirely honest.

Source: 1UP



  1. i have a feeling they will use the very same engine as in the first game.

    • Which is fine by me as graphically it looked beautiful…gameplay also :)

  2. Could well be … then 4 back on the PSP :-P

  3. Day one for me… I will be playing through the first from Sunday/Monday night, just after I move into the new place.

    Cannot wait for this to come out… but guess I better play the psp version first.

  4. Squad 7, Move out! :] Can’t wait!

  5. Fantastic news , the original was/is superb and im tempted to get the sequel on PsP . I’m fascinated by the history of ww1 & ww2 and I love the way they have kind of interlinked the story , even the tank used looks like a Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Sd.Kfz. 171 .

  6. Given the original wasn’t exactly a smash hit, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was just a 360 version of the original, or an updated version of the original for 360/PS3. The fact it seems to be focusing on the year the first game was set again would suggest a sequel isn’t necessarily where this is heading.

  7. Another game that i wanted to play, but refused to do so because of a lack of trophies – laziness from the developers. I know everyone’s going to slate me again for this, but i don’t really care. I wont play trophyless games, end of. I’m not the only one. A trophy patch would see a surge in sales, if only slight, still i’m thinking the small amount of work it’d take to make and release the patch would easily pay for itself with the increase in sales.

    • “I wont play trophyless games, end of.”
      ‘parantly not. Oh well, it’s your loss.

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