Gearbox Still Working On Aliens: Colonial Marines

Gearbox Software have been having a mad couple of days. They surprised us all with the resurrection of Duke Nukem Forever on Friday at the Penny Arcade Expo, and now studio head Randy Pitchford has been on the interview trail, talking about the studio’s plans aside from the Duke.

During the PAX Gearbox panel, Pitchford talked about the noticeable lack of Aliens lately (the game was first announced way back in February 2008):  “Here’s the thing. This game is based on Aliens. It’s a 20th Century Fox property and Sega is the publisher. So there’s some fingers in this. We haven’t really been able to be super free to be talk about everything we’ve been doing.” On the plus side, we can at least expect it sometime in the next fifteen or so years: “I know it’s been awhile since the announcement first happened that we’re in for Aliens. I promise you it will not take as long as Duke Nukem Forever. We’re not going to let this dream die, it’s going to happen.”


What about the studio’s WW2-themed Brother in Arms series? “It was our first original IP. So we’ll be taking care of that one…We’ve got a lot of action right now, but we’re not ready quite yet to bring it out. We want to make sure we know we’ve got it right before we tell you what we’re doing,” says Pitchford. “We’ll deal with Baker and his men in future games for sure,” adds Gearbox co-founder Brian Martel. “”But we also may do some other things that maybe treat the game in some different ways and take some different directions.” The World War II theme isn’t so common anymore, but I for one could do without another modern warfare shooter.

Also at the panel, Pirchford confirmed that the “unannounced project” still listed on their website, and described as “‘look-at-our-line-up-and-imagine-something-even-bigger’ kind of big” is nothing to do with Duke. “That is one of the unannounced Gearbox projects,” he confirmed.

If you’re a fan of last year’s Borderlands, you’ll be glad to know that there’s even more content on the way too. The “Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution” pack is confirmed to be released on September 28th in the States (and hopefully the day after here), and will be accompanied by a free patch that raises the level cap to 69 – even if the previous “Secret Armoury” level-raising DLC has not been purchased – and rebalances the game accordingly. A game of the year edition is also coming out in the US, containing DLCs 1-4 and a foldout map of the game’s territories, but there has been no European announcement as yet.

Source: Joystiq (1,2)



  1. still they have had years to make this game and they come to PAX with nothing but concept images SHAME on you gearbox!

    • Are you crazy? They took over last year, and they’re at PAX with screens, a new trailer and demo units running. Where have you heard that?

      • And here’s where I apologise, because I had a bunch of tabs open and thought you were talking about DNF. You’re not crazy I’m sure.

        They were still screens and not artwork though ;)

      • nah im not on bout duke nukem dude. ino al about what they did at pax for that game. but im just pissed of with them they should have atleast gave us a new trailer not some proxy screenshopts which are proberly not even real gameplay shots.

      • Yeah, I agree, it’s been too long. But as they say, they’re working with a lot of partners on that, so can’t reveal until they are ready.

    • They’ve had 2 and a half years, plus they’ve got other IPs to deal with, so calm down a bit. Good games take a while to make.

  2. that wasn’t the rpg aliens game was it? because i was deeply saddened when that one got cancelled.

    • Nah, it’s like the human campaign from AvP, but a whole game.

      • so the good bit then, well ok only the first half was ‘good’ but meh who’s counting how many minutes that game was good for *coughfifteencough*

  3. I got Borderlands the other day and I can’t stand it.

    Though, good to hear that they’ve not given up on Alien.

  4. its a dissapointment they have had ages to show us gameplay or maybe a new trailer!

  5. I would have preferred actual gameplay footage Gearbox.

    • they are a big let down! i have waited fuking ages for this!

  6. Woah! What? Why all the hating?
    OK, 20th Century Fox and Sega are huuuuuge players in the entertainment industry, so obviously things are going to be tied up tight with these two, so as not to give too much away for A:CM.
    This is the problem now: too many people expecting too much stuff too quickly.
    Anyone think maybe Gearbox are working to make it a brilliant game instead of rushing out a piece of bland, safe crap?

  7. Was looking forward to Colonial Marines, I hope it does get a release

  8. want the GoTY edition in UK please :)

  9. been waiting for alien 4 ages, just hope its more improved from avp

  10. Within FIFTEEN years? Won’t the PS5 be out by then? and no BiA? Come on.. Just stop all other projects and make Aliens and brothers in Arms.. Leave Duke in the past where he belongs…

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