Dead Rising 2: Case West Announced

Capcom’s press event is underway over at the Tokyo Game Show and so far the big news is that Dead Rising 2 is getting more DLC, this time an epilogue (as opposed to prequel Case Zero) in the form of Case West. As the name suggests, the new content will feature first Dead Rising protagonist Frank West. New hero Chuck will also appear.

Having sold 500,000 units of Case Zero, it’s hardly surprising to hear the game will be getting more DLC. It is, however, slightly disappointing to hear that, once again, it’s only for one console, despite the game also being available for the PS3.


In other Dead Rising news, Capcom have also confirmed that Dead Rising 2 developer Blue Castle has now been fully acquired by the publisher. The studio will be renamed Capcom Games Studio Vancouver. Just rolls off the tongue.

More from Capcom’s event as it happens.

Source: VG247



  1. So, is this a “proper” exclusive or timed?

  2. Do you need to own dead rising to play the dlc?

    • not if it’s like Case Zero. That’s like a short(ish) prequel to the upcoming game. Totally stand-alone and dirt cheap considering the product you get.

  3. for fuck sake, stupid xbox fanboy devs. oh well, the game’s shit compared to the first anyway. (going by the case zero demo)

  4. So, why exactly they releasing it for PC and PS3? They will lose money, since they don’t promote it for PS3 or PC.

  5. I guess I’ll do what I do whenever games have chunks of them split into DLC. Sit back and wait for the “Complete” version to be released later on. And I can wait indefinitely. =)

  6. I hear they plan to concentrate even more on DR as they want it to take the mantle from Resi….

    Silly if you ask me as I cant see any DR ever touching Res1 1,2 or the almighty 4……

  7. Good move Capcom, continue to alienate the potential fanbase who you have yet to give a reason to want this game while you pander and promote exclusively to an already established fanbase who were already likely to be interested.

    It’s smart marketing like that that’s seen Capcom produce such hits as Dark Void and Bionic Commando.

    • It’s because these developers/publishers are xbox fanboys, just because they work in the industry dosen’t make them any less petty than internet fanboys.

      and I liked dark void….

      • So did I, but it was still a massive flop.

  8. Can someone please tell me how or if I can get deadrising case west on my playstation 3 console considering my xbox 360 has recently been stolen, I purchased case west on my xbox but I never had the chance to play it, if there is a way please answer as soon as possible

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