Valkyria Chronicles 3 Japanese Debut Trailer

The news that Valkyria Chronicles 3 was heading to the PSP rather than PS3 was met with a collective sad face.  Keen to get the hype machine started though, SEGA has released the Japanese debut trailer for the game.  Although it features no actual gameplay footage it does look pretty damn good, and has certainly grabbed my attention.  One to keep an eye on perhaps?

Source: GameTrailers


  1. Aww well. VC3 on PSP better than no VC3 at all I guess.

    • Maybe for PSP owners it is. For those who just have PS3’s it’s about the same as no VC3 at all! :(

  2. I may just buy a PSP now

    • I wonder if the much rumoured PSP2 will be backwards compatible…

  3. I can’t deny the fact that it looks great but that only compounds the disappointment of it not gracing Sony’s chief console.

  4. Looks like a great anime if they did it like that!

    • There’s already an anime of VC

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