Dead Not Rising In UAE

Not long after crawling out from ‘neath the grave, Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 has been banned in the United Arab Emirates. In the absence of an official statement from the UAE National Media Council, Pluto Games (Capcom’s local distributor) has cited the game’s “violence, gambling and nudity” as the contributing factors.


The distributor is reportedly working to have the decision repealed but aren’t getting their hopes up. Dead Rising 2 now joins a not so exclusive club of titles never to see the light of day in the UAE including such AAA releases as Dragon Age: Origins, Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2.

That said, just because a title is banned in the UAE doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not available in the emirates. If you know what we mean.

Source: tbreak



  1. Now Capcom will have to appeal to Middle-eastern gamers nevermind westerns gamers right?

  2. Poor Zuler. Poor, poor Zuler…

  3. Do they get any games in UAE? Every other game seems to get banned.

  4. i have little sympathy for any nation that follows sharia law.

  5. it looks like there gonna miss out on alot of fun games

  6. Don’t worry, they’ll just email their import dealers on their Blackberries to get a copy… oh wait…

  7. That’s a disturbingly strong list of truly great games. Such a shame they’re missing out on some videogaming benchmarks but as you quite rightly mention, there are other ways of getting what they want.

  8. Nudity? What nudity? Are going to see undead boobie?

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