Evil Game Causes Dog to Attack Child. Or Not.

Parents across the country are being warned to destroy all video games  and consoles after it emerged that a young, innocent, middle class white English girl has been attacked whilst playing a video game.

The child had been playing the seemingly innocent Nintendo title “Nintendogs” when the horrific tragedy occurred.  The child, named Megan, was visiting a friend and was in the care of  Ms Melville.  Over to the reporters of the Daily Mail for this breaking news:

Megan, a pupil at St James’ Primary School, had woken up and was turning on the game station at around 10am on Sunday, September 19, while Saracen was asleep on a mattress in the living [room] of the house.

St James’ Primary School pupil Megan said: ‘When I woke up I turned on the Nintendo. It barked and Saracen dragged me off the couch by my foot. I was scared.’

When she realised that Megan was being attacked, Ms Melville started kicking him and her second pet dog, named Zena, also attacked Saracen in a bid to save the child.

Mrs Taylor, Grandmother of Megan, said one of Ms Melville’s daughters ran to get her as she only lives a minute up the road and then she and Megan’s 14-year-old sister Sophie ran to help.

‘When I saw her I went hysterical. She just had a dirty rag over her face. I just said ‘where’s her lip?’ It was horrible, the worse thing I have ever seen in my life,’ said Mrs Taylor.

Mrs Taylor is horrified that the game could make dogs react in such a horrific way.

‘I think this game should carry some kind of warning,’ she said.

‘People should be told not to play it when there are dogs in the room.  I blame the game for what happened to Megan. If they hadn’t been playing it I don’t think the dog would have gone for her.’

Time for a reality check. Let us ignore that any sane person would think “Hmm, perhaps playing a game featuring barking dogs in the vicinity of other dogs is perhaps a bad idea”, let us ignore the 580 words of the Daily Mail article including the headline, “Terrified schoolgirl, 9, has top lip ripped off by dog after it heard barking on her Nintendo DS” and let us ignore the massive picture of the Nintendogs title.

Instead let us focus on the last two sentences of the article.

Ms Melville was unavailable for comment, but it is understood that she told police that Megan may have kicked Saracen and that is why he attacked her. No one from Nintendo was available for comment.

Words fail me.

Source: The Daily Mail


  1. That is some of the worst reporting by the Mail i have seen.
    The sad thing is many people will still see this article as being correct

    • I find it hard to believe that anyone would take this article seriously, but you might be right… the press seem to get these thing out all the time. people must believe it!?!?

      And this is nothing, wait until GT5 gets released and the mail post up that speeding is at a all time high due to a computer game! sigh*

      • GT5 nothing, I was driving down a country road after playing F1 2010 for the first time…most fun drive I’ve had in a long time…pick braking point, brake, turn in, accelerate, get stuck behind bus :-( *

        *For legal purposes it was all legal and within the speed limit (in case any traffic cops read this :-)

  2. ARGH! This makes me want to explode with rage!

    • Are you playing ‘Splosion Man? If so, you can earn £20,000 by contacting the Daily Mail right now. I get a commission so don’t forget to mention me. ;-)

  3. I love TSA for articles like this.
    Damn you papers! (and politicians, and Kotick)

  4. I believe that alot of the time kids are attacked by dogs the kids are tormenting the animal. It always goes unreported in the press, but I find it hard to believe that an animal would one day decide it wants to attack a child.

    • Weeeeell after excessive hugging’s and punching the dog would probably think “right thats it I had enough” and violently attacks the child which isn’t a surprise to be honest.

      Its hell for an cat and dog I can’t blame them if they wanted to scrab its human friends….

  5. I don’t what to say. Umm… I am genuinely speechless.

    • That speechless you forgot to add a word

    • yeah same. this is just….silly

  6. *taking long deep breaths*
    Ban Ms.Melville, scum of societys hind arse, from having any pets. I’d question the keeping of any pets by someone that has a mattress in their living room ! The poor girl that’s been bitten should never have been left alone in the room with an untrained dog. Owners are at fault, not the animals.
    Note To Self:-Don’t play Mario when the plumbers around….

    • Or sonic while the back door is open…
      But in all seriousness I’m gob smacked that they can write entire article and twist it to blame a computer game. The sad thing is there’ll be parents out there who believe this and will now ban computer games or be scared when their little one is playing them.

  7. ‘I think Miss Melville should carry some kind of warning,’


  8. Fucking pathetic (excuse my language). I can’t believe they’ve fabricated this entire article and popped the probable truth in at the end. Why aren’t there laws to stop this happening?

  9. In addition to the comments above, the fact that the dog was called Saracen implies such a kind and gentle natured labrador puppy, don’t you think? Do they mention the breed? My money’s on pit bull or rottweiler.

    • A bull mastiff.

    • Just what i was thinking Kev . Usually there is a banged up son or a grandmother involved too . I feel sorry for the little girl/boy that their moronic parents/parent ever allowed these type of breeds around kids.
      Theres always someone who will say “ah but my Tyson is lovely etc ” but the vast majority of people who own these dogs shouldn’t even be allowed to breed themselves let alone have a dog .
      Where i live in Liverpool every toe-rag in a North Face jacket has one of these dogs as an accessory (plus a kind of strange swagger that and stronger Scouse accent that disappears when they hit 30 )

  10. So basically it a story about a girl kicking a dog. This is why Daily Mail readers make my blood boil, to the point where I give them evils if I see anyone on public transport reading this tripe.

    • I go slightly further and actually lambast people I catch reading or buying it. A good place to start is with its support for Fascism on the run up to WW2 (Daily Mail staff turned in to work wearing black shirts for instance) and the close friendship enjoyed by Lord Rothermere its then proprietor and Mussolini, Moseley oh and some little known guy called Hitler.

      • Don’t take my word for it either, look it up for yourselves and then by all means make the lives of Mail readers as miserable as they’d like to make everyone elses.

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