Buy A Game – Get Free Stuff

Everyone likes free stuff. There is a man at the end of my street who gives all the children free sweeties, what a nice chap.

Also falling in to the “nice chap” category are those lovely people at because if you pre-order Sega’s new third person shooty/skateboard game ‘Vanquish’ you will receive the previous Platinum Games title ‘Bayonetta’ absolutely free.


If that’s not tempting you then perhaps you would reconsider if you knew Vanquish would come with a lenticular sleeve? Look at the 3D-ish goodness animated below.

HMV are also feeling generous and if you purchase Dead Rising 2 from their online store you will get £19.99’s worth of Blu-ray for free. The free movie is the very amusing ‘Zombieland’ which, if I remember correctly comes with a special Zombie PS3 theme. Even more free stuff!

I have also noticed that HMV Oxford Street were throwing in a free Dead Rising 2 zombie statue in addition to the game, it might be worth checking your local branch just in case they are giving away even more  braaains zombie related paraphernalia.

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  1. Bayonetta…

    Is it any good peeps?

    Vanquish on the other hand is ace! Loads of fun! Demo is slick….

    • Hell yeah Bayonetta is awesome!
      So is Zombieland.

    • Bayonetta will make you embarrassed if you play it around female company

      • Yeah much as I loved the mechanics of the game and the combat system I just couldn’t get past the protagonists ridiculous design. Completely ruined it for me – it’s many a year since I was a fourteen year old.

      • Hey I’m a female and I love Bayonetta :D The game is pretty good too :P

      • Yup, I am now 31 & I love Bayonetta – Does help that I am a pervert though. :p
        Seriously though, it’s a great game if you like things like Devil May Cry & other fast paced Hack & Slash/Shooters.

    • Brilliant fun. Audacious but well worth playing. Has a good sense on humour too.

  2. I can receommend Zombieland, its a great film and Woody Harrelson is awesome in it

    • me too, fantastic film!

    • I agree, Shaun and this have firmly established zomedies as a valid genre of film to me. Loved it.

    • It is an awesome film. I got dead rising 2 from my local HMV (Grimsby) and got zombieland and a free zombie figurine, and yes zombieland comes with a theme.

    • Woody Harrelson is brilliant in it, he usually is, especially in No Country For Old Men. Bill Murrays cameo was good too but there weren’t enough zombies.

      Keep an eye for the TV series of The Walking Dead,if it’s anywhere near as good as the graphic novels it’s gonna be stunning.

      • I agree could have done with a few more zombies it’s more like a road trip film with zombies in it.

    • Damn!
      Now I am in need of a Twinky :P

  3. when is vanquish out?

    • 22nd october, comes too soon for me, this is a game i want but cant afford, and other games take priority

      • Answering your own question and you made an accidental innuendo. Epic :P

  4. For realz? Not looked into Vanquish really, but two-for-one means I’m gonna check in on it!

  5. I got zombieland with DR2. How do you get the theme?

    • Never mind. Found it. For anyone who dosen’t know you put the bluray in your ps3, go to game on the XMB and it’s there.

    • I thought the film is pretty over-rated tbh. It was alright and had some funny bits, but it’s not a patch on SotD.

      • That’s because Shaun of the Dead is the pinnacle of filmmaking. Still got to see Zombieland myself, tho.

  6. The demo for Vanquish was impressive but not something i’d buy, and going by the demo, Bayonnetta is shit.

  7. You know what I might take up on that 2-for-1 offer…

    I didn’t bother with Bayonetta originally because all the ‘PS3 version is crap’ press and the fact I was busy with the similar God of War trilogy, but you can’t argue with Free.

    Plus I’m a sucker for a fancy bit of packaging and Vanquish looks like a particularly fine example – plus would give you an idea what it would be like to play on the 3DS!!!

    The demo wasn’t bad either…

    • haha EXACTLY how i feel right now :P

    • PS3 version of Bayonetta was pretty bad compared to the 360 one with the lower framerate and crazy load times, but I’ve tried it with the patch that came out combined with the optional install that it brought and the improvement was pretty dramatic (Performance sees only slight improvement, but the loading issues are pretty much eliminated outright). 360 version still runs smoother, but the PS3 version is far from “crap”… at least it is NOW.

      Definitely worth the zero pence Play are charging.

  8. Loving the comparison between and a drug dealer there Tuffcub. Play will be thrilled with you :)

  9. damn it, this doesn’t apply to me…sob…

  10. Can I have the free Bayonetta without Vanquish?

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