Here’s the PES Stadium Editor

The review embargo is now up for PES 2011. Unfortunately, we don’t think we’ve played it enough to give it a proper review so we’ll be doing that at the start of next week, after a proper play test.

We didn’t want to leave our lovely readers viewers without any TSA PES coverage on a day when many sites will be publishing their reviews. So we’ve made a little video to show off the Stadium Editor. Enjoy!

View on YouTube with this handy link.



  1. Field of Dreams reference, love it.

  2. Too busy… master league… too good… life continues… I don’t notice

  3. Cant wait for PES this year, this new stadium editor looks like a nice addition to the game

  4. PES is now dead to me. FIFA has taken over the thrown. Good idea, but just a gimmick.

    • Yeah, and running up the pitch doing 360deg turns isn’t a gimmick
      :D :D :D

      FIFA’s a great, really great fast game of football, but its packed to the rafters with gimmicks – that’s what makes it FIFA

      • Theres life in the old dog yet , i preferred the PES demo this year whereas FIFA 11 still felt the same as 09 and 10 which is by no means a bad thing but im happy to play 10 for another year and pick up PES this year for a bit of variety .

  5. I enjoyed the PES demo this year and think it’s a massive improvement over the last few games. Looking forward to picking this up :)

  6. Now, I got my subscription copy of OPSM on Wednesday, and that had a PES 2011 review in it. Does that mean they jumped the gun on the embargo then?

    • no, print embargoes are usually different to online embargoes because the print guys have a MUCH longer lead-time (so often print reviews are also done from slightly earlier code too).

  7. Thanks for the vid, CB :)

    The editor looks ok, I hope you’re right about maybe being able to unlock extra stuff further down the line!

  8. Jim Beglin? Are you joking me!? On another note, the player likenesses on the England players were impressive.

    On another another note, the only thing I really enjoyed about the PES editor was the “unofficial” patches that people made in their spare time. If those still exist then the stadium editor could be a big inclusion.

    • They still exist for the PS3 version, there’s going to be one before release date if they keep going at their current pace. I don’t think there are enough “parts” to make the stadium editor entirely useful in the same way though.
      Oh, and Jon Champion too. It’s like a shit-commentator double-whammy.

      • At least they got shot of Lawro. “What a schtoomer that was”. WTF?

  9. this is much better than da absolutely RUBBISH PES 08!

  10. Thanks for the Youtube link so i could view it on my PS3. It saved my signing on my computer to watch the video.

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