Dead Rising 2 DLC Plotted

Capcom have just been in touch to tell us about their upcoming Dead Rising 2 DLC. It will be released via Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network Store over the next four weeks and consists of the following costume and equipment packs:

  • Psychopath Theme Pack (12th Oct XBLA, 13th Oct PSN) – Makes Chuck more difficult to kill and gives him a host of weapons which have been favoured by nutcases the world over. These include cleavers, chainsaws and axes.
  • Soldier of Fortune Theme Pack (19th Oct XBLA, 20th Oct PSN) – Gives Chuck double ammo, increased shooting accuracy and better headshot accuracy. Also allows a special “spraying” attack with automatic weapons.
  • Sports Theme Pack (26th Oct XBLA, 27th Oct PSN) – Increased damage with sports-based weapons and more bouncing with new sports based weapons (basketball, golf balls). Chuck will earn more by gambling, gain more health eatng and drinking (especially alcohol) and not get sick from having a few too many. He also gets a new charge and tackle attack.
  • Ninja Theme Pack (November 2nd XBLA, November 3rd PSN) – A new stealth mode allowing you to get closer to the undead before they spot you. Makes Chuck harder for zombies to grab and increases damage from sword-type weapons which will have new attacks. Chuck’s throwing is also improved.

Parts of the outfits can be mix and matched, allowing the bonus attributes from all four packs to be bestowed upon Chuck at any one time. There’s no word on price just yet.



  1. Are these not already out on PSN?

    I am sure i have downloaded the sports & ninja ones & a friend downloaded the solider one according to facebook automatic posting from PSN store!

    • They have released compatibility packs that allow you to play coop with someone who owns the DLC, nothing else I don’t think.

    • Some were pre-order bonuses I believe.

      • Yes! My friend got the ninja one for pre-ordering

  2. I could’ve sworn I’ve downloaded these.

  3. i think i have to? hmmm?

  4. As long as the costs aren’t silly I might have a look at one or two of these – the psychopath pack looks very handy

  5. I have the sports fan pack,the above doesn’t mention the trainers give Chuck a quite considerable speed boost whilst their worn which is pretty damn handy.

  6. The dlc on psn is only so you can play co op with other users who received the proper dlc as bonuses.

    You have not downloaded the actual dlc content, as the anode dates are when hey are released to the owner of the game who didn’t receive any pre order bonuses

  7. * as the above dates

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