Is This Uncharted 3 Concept Art?

We’ll hold our hands up. We don’t know. It could be, or it could be rejected concepts from Uncharted 2 (or good fan-made images). The styling is certainly pretty similar, with the Hindu God Vishnu appearing and Uncharted 2’s Buddhist, North Indian/Nepal/Tibet scenery putting it in the same geographical region as the second game. It’s not quite in-keeping with one or two other rumours we’ve heard about the third game’s setting either but you never know.

We got a tip from icuyesido sending us to this Portuguese language site which seems to be claiming that they are legitimate (my Portuguese is a little enferrujado) but we can’t confrim them and we doubt that anyone from Naughty Dog or Sony will either. We’re advising a healthy dose of caution before everyone starts getting all excited. Still, worth a little look, right?

Update: There you go, looks like this rumour is probably the result of a very talented guy called Albee Ng and some quite enthusiastic gun jumping by the aforementioned Portuguese blog (and for that matter). Great work Albee, if you’re reading!



    • And someone has already put a review on it. Stupid French moron :P

      • lol, I think he may be confusing review with preview! xD

      • Stupid American shop?

  1. more likely an uncharted psp2 version would come out first

  2. I think Uncharted have done well to keep the game from being compared to TombRaider, but looking at those concepts it seems thats exactly where it my head.

    • Yeah, but is that a bad thing. It could show them how to do it properly. I can’t wait for this.

      • yeah i know what your saying but the whole cambodia scenes beens done before… what ever the weather it will be great :)

  3. Looks a lot like the concept art from this guy:

  4. Looks more like the original Uncharted concept art, stunning as it is.

  5. the title suggests its in many countries but the images of ganesha and natraj means theres definatly a level set in india.

  6. Interesting.

    It seems this Albee guy is working for a “conceptual art studio” called Tyler West Studio, and Sony is one of Tyler West’s clients!

    There’s also some additional artwork under the article, including a logo stating that the game might be called “Uncharted 3: World of Deceit”. Though the title may be just a placeholder, I’ve got a feeling this may actually be legit. Only time will tell!

  7. Tenho de dizer, o português é uma língua bastante difícil. Felizmente nasci em Portugal e agora posso orgulhar-me de falar duas línguas fluentemente. Quase.
    Back on topic, I this might just be Concept art from the second game (an alternate Tree of Life, and that arm Drake is climbing reminds me of a certain temple, and he is wearing Uncharted 1 skin, which was used in earlier Uc2 artwork).
    I’ve always thought Uc3 HAD to be set in the desert, though. Just look at Raiders of The Lost Ark: (SPOILERS) Indy first finds the fertility Idol in the Jungle. He then visits Marion in nepal (SNOW) and then goes to Cairo (DESERT) to look for the ark.

  8. That’s top, I’d happily frame some of those and hang them in my lounge.

  9. meh stupid fakes :|

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