LOTR: Aragorn’s Quest Move Trailer

Lord Of The Rings: Aragon’s Quest is released in Europe today on PS3, PSP, Wii, DS and PS2. Which console is the odd one out? Yes it’s the 1080p HD, billion polygon shifting PS3. I mistakenly thought they had released a trailer for the PS2 version but the inclusion of a Move tutorial means this is a trailer for the PS3 version.

Check out that PS2 style ‘fire’ on Sauron’s sword at 0.25 and a special guest appearance from Shrek at 1.01.

Of course great graphics do not a great game make – but they kind of help when you release a trailer.

Source: YouTube


  1. Oh my god! Where’s that facepalm ascii pic?

  2. Hopefully War In The North will be good.

  3. It’s because it’s a Wii Port. Obviously!

  4. Wow, i knew the graphics weren’t up to scratch but i was hoping that good gameplay would make up for that. Unfortunatly this trailer doesn’t inspire much hope for that.
    I mean come on! Hitting an orc with a frying pan 50 times?!
    the standard faceplam isn’t going to cover this one ¬_¬

  5. Its just a waste of the LOTR franchise now why not a game that isn’t based from the movie?

  6. Yipes

  7. I bought this game about 2 weeks ago (Asian edition, the game is in English though).
    It can be fun if you play it with a friend or a brother.
    The graphics aren’t that bad also.

  8. They’ve watered the style down to something slightly cartoony. I’ve not got a problem with that (on closer inspection the characters looked quite “nice”). However, there was just the relentless smashing of weapons with almost nothing else on show. Have they spent their entire time creating the world and adding no real substance to it?

    Oh. Dear. God.

  9. so there IS backwards compatibility!

  10. Move = gimmick?

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