Trophies Coming To Metal Gear Solid 4, Says Box Art

Looks like the prayers of the die hard Metal Gear Solid 4 fans have been answered, as new box art (picked up by PlayStation Lifestyle) features that word that we’ve always wanted to see: Trophies.  Yep, alongside ‘Multiplayer’ and ‘Voice Chat’ is ‘Trophies’, seemingly confirming that the updated, cheaper version will support everyone’s favourite silverware upon release.


The box art that features the word is the US version, mind, the European ‘Greatest Hits’ re-issue doesn’t sport the same text although it’s been out for over a year and the box-art for our version hasn’t been refresh since.  We’re assuming, then, that this is a brand new re-print of the disk, and thus features a few tweaks.  Let’s hope that the Trophies appear as a patch for existing owners, too.

Update: we’ve just been told that the word on the box is a misprint.  We’re chasing this one up.



  1. Looks like that pig is going to fly after all!

  2. Whoot~!
    So damn awesome. Definitely gonna play this game again. Not sure if I’ll ever get platinum though.. (Hope’s it’s a patch)

    • How can you say that when you haven’t even seen the trophy list (non-existent one)

    • Well.. I’d expect they’re based on the ingame ‘rewards/medals’ or however they’re named.

  3. Fantastic, I’ve been wanting to play again I shall hang ona bit longer.

  4. Not that I need another excuse to play MGS4 again but this is a bonus!

  5. See, miracles do happen. At this rate GT5 might actually get released.

  6. Don’t get all your hopes up because the same was on Saint row 2 but does it have trophy support now? NO

    • As much as I’d like this to be true, I’m not entirely convinced yet either.

  7. Seriously? I waited ALL this time and finally played it and NOW you release a trophy patch? Damn you Kojima-san, damn you to your golden Hell!

    • Yeah my housemate just completed it last night. If this turns out to be true I’m not sure how impressed he will be…

  8. This is the only game I would play again to get the trophies. Unless it unlocks them automatically from your save. That’d be better as I’ve got almost everything there is. Take a long time to do it all again…

    • Does ANY game unlock trophies based on a save file? I’m not being a dick, I honestly want to know.

      • Disgaea 3

      • It wouldn’t be hard with copy protected save data.
        I don’t think MGS is copy protected though..

      • BFBC had retroactive trophies (but maybe that was only for the online part?)

      • Well that was the heart of the save file download debacle. But, I wouldn’t want that kind of thing of thing to happen to MGS4. I’d rather play it all again and earn them, than have the possibility that people are downloading the save files to cheat. I would just be nice to not have to do it all again.

    • Sonds like sony needs to swoop in with some sort of patch that allows you to keep your saved data but activates the trophy aquisition on your next playthrough of tha game. I’m certainly not deleteing everything for blooming trophies… do you know how long it took me to get that stealth camo?

  9. Happy days :)

  10. As far as I’m aware, this isn’t the actual case. It was picked up about 3 weeks ago, and the guy that saw it posted that picture. After some debate, people basically posted in countless photos of where that had happened to them too.

    Doesn’t prove its wrong, but I’m very skeptical.

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