Behaviour Interactive Working On PSP2?

When Behaviour Interactive (formerly known as A2M) sent out a press release detailing the name change and a new Naughty Bear. They also mention working on ‘next-generation hand-helds’ and Eurogamer quizzed them if this means the PSP2.

“I’m working on a next-generation portable platform,” quipped CEO Rémi Racine, “That’s the only thing I can say.”

Right that’s the gaming news out the way – Smut alert! As we suspected, Artificial Mind & Movement changed their name because the acronym ‘A2m’ also means something very saucy indeed.


“That issue became known to us five years ago. It was mentioned in a movie (Clerks II) and it started to grow from 2005/2006.”

“At first it was funny, and we didn’t mind. Locally, it’s funny. Not on the international scene, but locally, some people have fun with it.

“As much as it was funny, sometimes it becomes not funny.”

I have to disagree, calling your company A2M is very amusing indeed. Rumours that A2M considered changing their name to “2G1C” have turned out to be completely false.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Why behavior!?

  2. He uses the word Funny a lot .

  3. 2 gentlemen, 1 commitment? sounds perfectly decent! :-D

  4. I just googled 2G1C on my work computer. I think I might be getting call from IT Security in the next few minutes…

  5. Funny.

  6. Can we just start saying the PSP2 exists? because i doubt these many developers would lie about it.

  7. haha they finally changed there name

  8. “You Never Go A2M.”

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