MotoGP 10/11 Coming March

Capcom have today announced motorbike-em-up MotoGP 10/11 for a release in March 2011 on PS3 and 360. It is currently in development at Monumental Games, who handled the 09/10 entry.

The game’s career mode will include co-op, allowing a friend to jump into the game as a split-screen team-mate, as well as Championship, Time Trial and Challenge modes. MotoGP’s online section will support up to twenty players in a race.


Whilst the game will launch with content from the 2010 season of the sport, a free update after the start of the 2011 season will add the applicable extras.

The first shots are below.

Source: press release



  1. Motorbike-em up? :)

  2. sounds and looks good, was the last oen any good havnt had a motorbike game since tourist trophy (heres hoping for TT2 on ps3 hey kaz?)

    • ssshhhhh! he will want to delay GT5 to add bikes if he hears you!

  3. It was rubbish as much as i like moto gp the 09/10 was so crap it was way to arcadey, moto gp 08 was the best game

  4. I know that graphics aren’t everything sometimes… but the textures look awful and the colour looks a bit off..

    This better not be the final build…

  5. Some nice game ideas in there, split screen co-op for a team mate – great idea. And free download content for the new championship too. How good would it have been to have these in F1, I was hoping they would have left in the stuff they had for the 2009 season in F1 and you could have done a career over the 2 years. They had all the models done and the liveries but didn’t use them.

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