GT5 Gets Two Day European Delay

Looks like the magical release date of November 24th might only apply to the UK and the US, as the Dutch and French PlayStation sites now display a date of November 26th, and it’s the same across mainland Europe.

The UK date remains unaffected at present, displaying the original date of the 24th.

We’ve pinged Sony for an official comment, as we know lots of people had the day booked off in anticipation of the big event, if we get anything back we’ll update this post either way for confirmation.

A mid-week release date is rare, especially in the UK, so we’re half expecting our localised date to slip too, although a last minute delay of just two days is hardly going to ruin everyone’s week, right?

[Update] Is the date changing at all? According to Kotaku, Sony are claiming “We’ve announced the date as the 24th and have not changed that at all.” Let’s just say: “Gran Turismo will be out before December,” and leave it at that. [Thanks Timur]

Via N4G (with links to other PlayStation sites) and M2G.


  1. Weird how Microsoft & Activision can manage worldwide synchronised releases no matter what the day is for CoD, Halo, Kinect, Gears, Fable and so on…

    • I bought a 360 a couple of weeks ago. TBH it’s really opened my eyes as to how much more efficient MS seem to be, as you say with releases, but also with other aspects, like update and install times etc.

  2. Starting to give up on this game… Had it pre-ordered for over a year! On a side note, did it ever have MOVE support added?

    • Its only two days….

    • Not that I know of, its appears to have PSEye headtracking, but looking at The Fight, I’m not sure how effective it would be… it must have worked in the labs though else they wouldn’t have bothered doing it.

  3. LOL.

  4. OMG you gotta be kidding with me! They better not delay the UK release.

  5. What about Ireland? Any news for us?

  6. What’s another 2 days going to really matter when we have all been waiting this long already? I admit I would like to get my hands on GT on the 24th but if it gets pushed to the 26th then ok. It’s still the same week and still before xmas so no biggie really.

  7. Really, 2 days doesn’t really matter. I don’t plan on getting the game until Christmas anyway. However, it’s still a delay. Makes you wonder why they bother announcing release dates at all.

  8. Guess I’ll ignore the PSN Updates and play GT5 instead

  9. I have ordered from and they still say the 24th.
    However I remember when Little Big Planet was released across Europe on a Wednesday but the French shops would not let anyone buy it before the Friday.

  10. Its only 2 days people, im sure you can wait

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