NBA Jam Xbox 360/PS3 Launch Trailer

Next Friday sees the launch of NBA Jam on the Xbox 360 and PS3.  The game promises old school craziness but with modern features such as online multiplayer.  Check out the trailer below; will you be picking this up?

Source: GameShark



  1. Gonna get this. Played sooo much games on my Megadrive. Good thing it comes at a lower price.

    • what is the lower price? i think ill be grabbing this one for xmas day. be a laugh with my bro

  2. This looks like good fun, but it would be best in local multiplayer I reckon.
    Looks awesome but not a day 1 for me, maybe a few months further down the line I’ll pick it up

  3. “Boomshakalaka!.. He’s on fire!”

    ¬_¬ That is all.

  4. Loved this on SNES. Wouldn’t it be great if we could play as Woody Harrelsen/Wesley Snipes? :D

  5. Hmmmm…… will have to think about it – so many games out and about lol.

    • There are quite a few games that have been released lately, or about to be released, that I would normally buy but haven’t because of time and money restraints.

  6. Ahhh, brings back memories – Will depend on the price for me though…

    • About £25 or so, whether its worth £25 or not is totally subjective though

      • Yeah, i think that nostalgia will stay as nostalgia at that price!

  7. Hope it isn’t too pricey? Looks a bit more like a PSN game. Still looks like great fun tho!

  8. I think it’s retailing at around £25. Drop it to about £17.99 and I’ll definitely pick it up.

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