RUSE Getting ‘The Manhattan Project Pack’ DLC

Life must suck for RUSE.  As one of the games singled out by Ubisoft as underperforming, we can imagine it wants to curl up in a ball, weeping copiously whilst scoffing an entire tub of ice cream.  That doesn’t seem to be the case though, as it is hitting back with some free DLC this December on LIVE, the PSN and Steam:

“’The Manhattan Project Pack’ will include three exclusive multiplayer maps along with two additional multiplayer modes. The multiplayer maps will face you off against armies in North African territories, in Italy and in Holland for 2vs2 and 3vs3 battles.

‘Nuclear war’ will enable you to produce nuclear Long Tom cannons, with mutual nuclear threat involved. The destructive scope of R.U.S.E. just flew off the charts.

In ‘Total War’, the battle starts in 1939 and History advances every ten minutes, unlocking new units and technologies”

An exact date is to be confirmed soon.

Source: Ubisoft



  1. “the PSN”? Hehe, nicely done :)

    Ruse has me interested, and the demo controlled well with Move… I might pick it up if I can find it cheap-ish enough for me.

  2. Yeah I enjoyed the demo as well, altho I just have the normal controller, so looking to maybe get this in the new year.

  3. I’ve been plying RUSE, with the Move controller and really like it. You need to understand the tactics to get the most from it, you can’t just rush in guns blazing like other games.

  4. love this game, had since launch wk
    very good & much welcome news indeed

  5. I enjoyed the demo, and am still planning on picking this up soon. Any free DLC is welcomed.

  6. I personally really like this game and particularly enjoy the tactics that you need to use throughout. The controls particularly with the move are very smooth. News maps are very good and a time progression mode seems an interesting concept although nuclear war could get a bit silly with one nuclear long tom under radio silence annihilating you in a single blow simply because you were trying to build a supply depot somewhere else and wasn’t looking. I believe that this game would benefit greatly from some DLC and I would particularly welcome new factions as the starting 6 can get a bit stale. The Polish and Japanese would be very good choices and should still balance the game.

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