Michael Jackson: The Experience Launch Trailer

Ubisoft has released the launch trailer for ‘Michael Jackson: The Experience’, and it looks far from bad.  Now I know most of you will more than likely tell me to beat it, but you can just leave me alone because the quality of the final game looks far from black and white.  Sure, it’s not going to heal the world but it will make you dance like a speed demon.

The game is out this week.  Will you be there?

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  1. You Wanna Be Startin Something with the song title puns huh? That’s a Dangerous game but Keep The Faith cos You Are Not alone in Bad puns. It’s Human Nature and One Day In Your Life you’ll realise They Don’t Care About Us.

    • :oD nicely done sir.

    • Despite it’s looks, I’ve heard this game’s not just for Liberian Girls.

      • Yea but I bet in a year people will say ‘Do You Remember The Time’ that michael jackson game came out and it sucked.

    • As a die hard MJ fan, this game both intrigues and worries me. It may (and that’s a very slight may) convince me to buy Kinect/Move, especially if they get the tracklist right (please include Jam, please include Jam, please include Jam). And plus, hell, its a Michael Jackson game. But the simplistic visuals and, from what I can see, rather suspect UI leave a lot to be desired.

      That said, I’m relieved to see the rather civil comments on this thread compared to the cocaine-riddled mass that dominates the GameTrailers and IGN forums.

  2. A cash in?

    • Never!
      Nobody would use someone’s death just to make money!!!

      • He’s not dead, he just went back Home *looks up at the sky*

  3. How do you go from that E3 reveal (which topped off a Ubi conference that convinced me I was on drugs) to this surprisingly good looking game. Why didn’t they show any of this?

  4. I clicked this article for the laugh, having watched the video I’m not laughing, looks great!

    I’m not buying a Wii for it though.

  5. Looks like we can all learn the Thriller Dance correctly now. It does look like a lot off fun to be fair and after a few ciders I’m sure it would be hilarious.

  6. If this could be as good as dance central would be awesome – Kinect?

  7. Prrrrrrrfft.

  8. Wonder if the game will feature and additional extra hidden sub games, you know, those little things M.J. was renowned for being partial to !!! Shamon Kiddie Fucker!

    • If you’re gonna diss MJ, don’t do it on a site I frequent >:|

      And it’s spelt “Cha’mone!”

  9. Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white eh? I hear with Kinect, things are slightly different… ZING!!!

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