‘The Fight’ Gets Patched

Move controlled smack’em up ‘The Fight’ has been issued with a patch which will fix some problems highlighted by user feedback:

“This update resolves several small issues reported by players and includes the ability to make your fighter transparent in order to get a better view of your opponent.”

Tweaks to the game are most welcome.  I’ve been playing it now for the past couple of weeks and it is possibly the most exhausting game I’ve ever come across.  It’s very satisfying though, as we pointed out in our review.

Also confirmed was the new ‘Duke DLC pack’ which will be released via PSN on December 15th.  This pack will let players “use all of the boss characters as well as the main man, Duke, to use in both online and offline multiplayer modes”.

Source: CVG


  1. Hooray!!! I read this was coming a while ago on iWaggle and really been looking forward to it. Love this game a lot and the TSA review was one of the only decent ones on teh entire intraw3bs.

    • Yeah I like it too, though I made the mistake of making my character 79 years old on a drunken whim and don’t seem to be able to “young him up”.

  2. Despite hearing it was hitting below average score I still put down some money for The Fight and I was surprised how enjoyable it is. Hopefully this patch addresses the trophy issues I have been encountering.

  3. This was one of the games I as anticipating for the move, still am despiote the reviews, I tend to like things that score mediocre reviews.

    On another note, I’m not loving the 2 rather large Kinect adds on every page guys, don’t we see enough of it elsewhere without having to see people jumping round like idiots on here too, twice!

    • They makes me want to puke or have a seizure!

  4. Been dodging this because of bad reviews, even though I was super excited before launch.
    I’m gonna go out and get myself a copy today.

    • the one thing I will say is just stick with it. at first it’s annoying, but once you start levelling up your character it’s great.

      • Precisely what Dan said. At first it will feel as if the game isn’t responsive, but that’s not true. The Fight purposefully handicaps players to begin with and from there you must hit the gym and allocate “Ability Points” to stats such as strength and speed, which will cause notable changes when duking it out. For around £20 it’s a steel, especially if the added bonus of shedding calories appeals to you.

      • Nice, thanks!
        Must admit I’m in it for the exercise as well… Between this and Kung Fu Live, I should be set for a massive coronary come early 2011.

      • By the way, I’m in Norway, so there’s no way in hell I’ll find it for £20…
        £40 is the normal rate for move titles…

      • I rally am liking the game so far … but am having problems in the gym … speed bag i can handle (although very tiring) but the other ones where you have to hit the red target…
        The targets take a lot of time to show up, and after two or three targets being punched the player leaves the bag or the coach with the indicator on red …
        what am I doing wrong here??

    • Do like me and import from UK.

  5. Nice to see developers listening to customer feedback! I have been tempted by this, especially now you can see what you are doing.

  6. Nice to hear.

    i want to get this game for christmas but i cant be too certain that ill get it.

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