TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #25 Twisted Metal

Truth be told, when that ice-cream truck careened across the stage as Sony wrapped up their address at this year’s E3, we weren’t surprised. Not because creator David Jaffe had done a pretty (and we believe intentional) abysmal job at hiding the fact Eat Sleep Play were making an updated Twisted Metal for the PS3 – it’s the gaming equivalent of Ellen DeGeneres coming out, practically everyone knew the truth – but because, as a series that has performed so well for Sony over the years, it screamed HD update.

They also practically announced it as a decoded message at the end of Twisted Metal: Head On. Oh, and someone also told us it was real months ago. As Jaffe was having such fun lying his pants off, we didn’t really have the heart to rain on his parade. Also, see above – everyone knew it was in development already, didn’t they?


There is a misconception, and one that seems to be also held by Jaffe, that Twisted Metal games have traditionally underperformed over here in Europe. That may be the case – he’s likely privy to a lot more statistics on the matter than we are – but we’ve always been partial to some road rage on this side of the pond, despite the fact that the very concept of a vehicular combat game is intrinsically “American.” They do like their engines. And their guns. And their engines with guns on them.

The rebooted Twisted Metal will feature what you would expect from a game that puts equal emphasis on people driving and people driving over people. There will be four-player splitscreen along with 16 player online carnage. The final list of vehicles and characters is still be confirmed, though you should expect the old favourites. A sniper rifle and shot gun have also been added to the game’s already formidable arsenal.

Twisted Metal is definitely an acquired taste. For some there is nothing finer than racing around an apocalyptic world destroying fellow survivors like Mad Max on meths. Others, however, find little appeal in the sub-genre. To each their own, of course. You’ll be seeing our ice-cream van, on fire and unloading as much munitions as possible in your general direction in Q3 2011.



  1. The pic for this on the front page makes it look like Sweet Tooth is airing out his giant pink testicles. Just thought you’d like to know ;-)

    • A splendid image as I tuck into my meatballs. Thanks. :-)

    • They’re out of place though.

  2. I remember we used to play tm2 like crazy before.. loved the game!
    Really looking forwards to this one 8)

  3. I have a funny feeling that I am the only person in the world, that considers tm mediocre at best. I’m sure this gens one will be awesome sauce, but how about a speedfreaks remake? Or I’d even take a crash team racing remake to satisfy my non realistic racing needs

    • nah, right there with ya. At least your optimistic about the new one, the trailer we saw at E3 (or which ever show it was that Sweet Tooth came out on stage for) did nothing for me.

      But i’m a real sucker for exclusives, so i’ll still give it a chance. Hopefully there is a demo before release.

    • Most overrated game franchise ever? I don’t see why people love these games so much.

      • “I don’t see why people love these games so much.”

        They dont, you will see when sales figures come out.

    • It’s overrated because david made gow after that, that’s when everybody relised he has a talent and started hyping his work

  4. I have played TM2:World Tour more than is ever healthy. I simply cannot wait to see what they’ve done this time around. Hell, I was playing it recently on the PS3 (with it downloaded from the American store).

  5. I like the way it looks and that they’ve added a helicopter (that’s new, yes?) but it’s not a game i’ve warmed to in the past.

  6. Never played previous ones, this has want plastered all over its clowned face

    • Same. Never played any originals. What do you actually do in the game?

      • Very simple. Car combat. Awesome level designs with a score of vehicles driving around, armed to the teeth with weapons you pick up. Each vehicle is unique and has it’s own unique attack too. The variety of those attacks were superb in TM2.

  7. Looking forward to trying out a twisted metal game. Count me in.

  8. <3 TM:B so this is a day-one for me :) Though I thought it was due early 2011 so the Q3 release date above has made me sad :(

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