Ni No Kuni DS Combat Footage

Ni No Kuni is fast becoming one of our most anticipated games of 2011.  The fact it’s on both the PS3 and Nintendo DS suits us fine as it means twice the fun.  Some gameplay footage has been released which shows some of the basic attacks and spells you will be using on your DS journey.

We love the visual style more than Tuffcub loves the naughty step!


Source: Gametrailers



  1. I am loving the Ghibli visual styling. Rather looking forward to seeing some more PS3 footage

  2. Looks great on DS, looks great on PS3. Which one do I get. AAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHH! (I can’t afford both)

    • I would get the PS3 version but thats because I don’t have a DS but if I did I would buy both!!!!!!

  3. Im getting both.

    the DS version purely for the battles and the PS3 version for the exploration (and battles)
    you cant go wrong with both

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