‘Tales Of Xillia’ Confirmed For PS3

It’s been teased for weeks now, but finally the latest game in the ‘Tales’ series has been confirmed. Titled ‘Tales of Xillia’, it sees you take control of two main protagonists (a first for Tales) ‘Shuto Matis’ and ‘Mira Maxwell’.  Not much is known so far other than “Shuto attends a medical school in the royal city and is an excellent student who gets things done, and Mira is a master of spirits which control the four elements (earth, water, fire and wind).”

You can check out the début trailer below.

Source: Namco via Andriasang



  1. What happened to Tales of Vesperia :(

    • lost in translation me thinks!!! wish they would just release it to the rest of the ps3 world cuz they already have the english script from the 360 version.

  2. If they don’t realise this in the west I’m really worried about Bamco. I mean they just don’t seem to want to make money.

  3. Great, I’ve always wanted to try out a Tales game!

  4. They abandoned Tales of Vesperia… Damn you Namco!!

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