Epic Mickey NOT Coming to PS3

Are the TSA Staff  just too cunning to fall for a trick or were they so stuffed full of turkey and pud that they could not reach the keyboard to report the rumour that Epic Mickey is coming to PS3? Obviously it’s the former.

The original rumour came from Spanish site PSNow! and revealed that Disney Interactive has plans to release a PS3 version of “Epic Mickey” with Move support. The reveal for the game was to occur on January 3rd in Orlando, the Wii version being exclusive to Nintendo for six months meaning PS3 gamers would be able to buy the title in May.


It turns out that this is a load of reindeer droppings, PSNow! have since updated their site to explain that December 28th is the Spanish equivalent of April Fool’s day and it was all a jolly big jape!

Ho ho, and indeed, ho.

Epic Mickey may eventually get an HD makeover, creator Warren Spector has already said “there’s no reason technologically” as to why the game could not appear on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but for now the game remains exclusive to Nintendo.

You can read the TSA review of Epic Mickey here, go on give it a click I personally guarantee it’s more entertaining that what is on TV at the moment (”The Unforgettable Harry Secombe’ is on ITV1).

Source: PSNow!




    Honestly, I didn’t even see the now debunked rumour. Hard to see anything at the bottom of a toilet (when not finishing up the end of the Top 100 list, naturally.)

    • Note: TSA does not condone getting so pissed you blow chunks. However I am quite happy to buy you enough alcohol so you blow [comment edited for taste and decency]

  2. January 28th? Don’t you mean December ;) I have actually decided not to buy this game for the Wii as the constant rumours that it may sway over to the PS3 seem to have got the better of me. I do hope at one point it does become multi platform as it looks a pretty good game>

    • You likely do not visit review sites that often. The game has gotten mediocre reviews.

  3. Harry Secombe was a monster of comedy and stage musicals, the Goon Show was the precursor to all modern alternative radio and television comedy. But you are right a TV show about it would bore the bollocks of a horse.

    Unless they give away a mini of the Megadrives Castle of Illusion I ain’t interested. And a pair of giant clip on black mouse ears.

  4. Carry On Abroad is on Film4 right now; definitely worth a viewing.

    • “Please, Miss Plunkett, you’re squashing my itinerary.” “Oh, I’m terribly sorry. I keep on forgetting what a big girl I am now.” “Quite, shall we get them out now?” “Why, Mr Farquhar!” “The people for the coach, I mean.”

  5. Can we have Epic Bugs Bunny instead?

  6. so they use a game that most people wont care about? yeah funny…NOT!!

  7. All none ninty developed belters potentially could land on ps3.

  8. Going by the review, this is not such bad news

  9. My brother has got this for his wii but I have yet to see him play it or have ago myself. Will probably make a start sometime during the week.

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