Game of the Year 2010: Overall

This is it. This is where it’s all been leading. We’ve got our sparkly gold envelope in hand and the two best celebrities we could afford* are about to take to the stage and announce the grand winner.

This final overall winner is the game which we thought was the absolute best, the most enjoyable or impressive, of the year. It could have been from any platform, any distribution method and any style of control. In this category Angry Birds faced off against Halo: Reach, Dance Central stared cooly into the eyes of Mass Effect 2 and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood stabbed God of War III in the throat and disappeared into the crowd before the police cruisers from Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit could arrive.


Obviously, this category was hard-fought. Our sub categories have seen some truly exceptional games beat out the opposition and rise to the top of a specific platform’s (or specifically multi platform’s) fare. But that was all just a prelude to the main event.

The inclusion of the Community Team member’s votes mixed things up a bit with several of them favouring some of the year’s big multiplayer hits and adding a little variation to our list. In a year that has seen so many top quality game releases we’re pleased that we’ve been able to recognise so many with titles and inclusion in our lists.

As with the categories that have gone before, any one of these games would have been a justifiable winner of the overall award. Black Ops’ exceptional production values, Halo: Reach’s imaginative immersion techniques, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood’s compelling storyline, Red Dead Redemption’s atmosphere and style, Starcraft II’s balance and tuning or Mass Effect 2’s narrative could all have been reason to pick them over any other. Gran Turismo 5 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit with their stunning (in two very different ways) visuals would have been worthy winners, as would God of War III with its gargantuan setting and visceral scenes.

None of those games emerged victorious though. There can be only one overall winner of TheSixthAxis’ Game of the Year 2010 and that winner is: Heavy Rain.

*We couldn’t really afford celebrities and we haven’t really got a stage. The magic of showbiz.



  1. Oooh, surprising result. Congrats to Heavy Rain.

  2. Now that was unexpected. RDR so down on the list and BlOps in third place?! Still, I think HR deserved the top spot. Well done, Quantic Dream!

    • WAIT!!! I thought everyone voted for Naughty Bear?!?!?!? RECOUNT!!!

  3. Would it be wise to admit that I’ve never played Heavy Rain, probably not so I wont.

    • me neither, it looks innovative but not my type of game really i doubt

    • Too late :)

    • I only played the demo, and I intended to get the full game, before those swines at OPM gave away the Origami Killer’s identity >:(

      • /v/ ruined it for me… i think.

        i only bought it on wednesday so ive not finished it yet.

  4. Heavy Rain deservedly takes top spot i know it wasnt without its faults but you can look past that and appreciate how innovative heavy rain was i loved it from start to finish and still play it to this day not many games can do that especially finish it more than once or twice ive done it about 5 or 6 more than any other game ive ever played

  5. Wow – would not have guessed that in a hundred years! I voted for it as I enjoyed it immensely but thought that it’s Marmite nature would preclude it from the top 3. Congrats Quantic Dream, David Cage and the open-minded fraternity at TSA. This is an endorsement of a game and an idea which looked to pioneer and try something different. It was by no means perfect but it was an ambitious concept which worked for me.
    Hurry up with your next release QD and DC.

  6. 2010 hasnt been the best year of gaming in my opinion lets hope for better next year. i did complete everything on heavy rain back all those months ago so i must have liked it more than i remember but hey im just glad its a ps3 exclusive grabbing the title!!

    • Really? I think it’s been pretty stellar – Kinect, PS Move, ME2, Halo Reach, COD MW:Black Ops, GT5, Mafia II, RDR, Vanquish, Enslaved, Castlevania, Fifa 11, MAG, Dead Nation, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, God of War 3 and trilogy, Split Second, Blur, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Bayonetta, Singularity, Dante’s Inferno, F1 2010, ModNation Racers, NFS:HP, Toy Story 3 (yes it’s good), Sly Cooper Collection, Yakuza 3 & 4 etc.
      I think it’s been pretty great – just maybe our expectations are becoming a little too high these days. There are some classics there which have been overlooked by the mainstream but still remain awesome games. We are a complacent gaming society I think. Here’s to 2011.

      • i agree wayne, it depends on the individual. The only games which i have really enjoyed this year have been…Dead Nation, Dante’s inferno, F1 2010. Of the games up for GOTY i have played very few so maybe that explains why i’ve been a bit disappointed at some point

      • I haven’t been that impressed with 2010’s offering either (though Toy Story 3 was actually a very good game). Overall it’s been a fairly bland year which has helped Heavy Rain stand out even more. Everyone knows it has faults but because it tries something different and succeeds in many areas it makes you want to love it (which I really did).

        Most games were a bit of a let down this year. RDR was very repetitive, I didn’t really take to the characters or the story. AC Brotherhood was just AC II with added multiplayer (even the setting was far too similar), it wasn’t the leap that AC II was from AC 1. It was a let down, not a bad game but not great. Too many games too quickly could really hurt the AC games in the long run. Many of the “top games” this year suffered in the same way (small improvements but not really enough to warrant a sequel). F1 2010 was good but lacked key things like proper qualifying and split screen (though it was Codemasters first F1 game), Fifa 11 wasn’t the leap previous years has been, God of War 3 and Dante’s Inferno were both good but outdone my God of War II and Ghost of Sparta and as a result were a bit of a let down as I think many of us had expected so much more.

        2011 could be truely great but only if the games deliver. If the TSA 2011 top 10-15 games all deliver then we’re in for a special year but you know some will always fall a little short of greatness.

      • Oh don;t get me wrong – I have not enjoyed all of the above games but that doesn’t stop them being good games overall. There are genres which I just have no interest in at all, but if they score well and people really engage with them, then they must be great games. So I agree it is a personal choice but I just think we are being de-sensitised to how many good games are out there due to sheer volume of new releases through the year.

      • There were a lot of good games but 2010 was a disappointed because it was lacking in great games. Maybe it’s looking at all the games that slipped to 2011 (Dead Space 2, LBP 2, Crysis 2 etc..) and the other great looking games lined up for next year (Uncharted 3, Motorstorm, Last Guardian, Killzone 3, Gears of War 3, Portal 2, Batman AC etc..)

        2010 started better than it ended and the start of 2011 looks stunning.

  7. Well deserved I’d say

  8. ohh *surpriseface* congrats to Heavy Rain to the overall GOTY=)
    thought about buying this… wonder why i didn’t???
    well its not too late but 2011 is going to be a pain in the wallet!!!
    And HappyNew Year To U All!!!! =) =) =)

  9. suprising result, but well done Heavy Rain, suprised Red Dead Redemption or Brotherhood arnt higher as they the games ive most enjoyed this year, still a good selection of games there which have all got some recongnition for being great

    • You’re just annoyed because they found out who you were at the end :p

  10. And by quite a fair way too – very pleased with the result, a truly exceptional game and well deserving of the win. I’m very much looking forward to what Quantic Dream come up with next as they are an incredibly innovative studio.

    I’ll admit, I was skeptical about it at first, and didn’t pick it up until the Move edition was released, but it was a fantastic story and very well told.

    And cheers TSA for an awesome series of articles! Been good to see a breakdown of the various platforms as well as the overall winner =]

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