New Dissidia Duodecum Final Fantasy Footage

Don’t worry, just because it’s the new year and this particular game came in at #100 on our list, we’re not kicking off a new series where we post up one hundred new trailers. Embedded below, check out some new* footage of Square Enix’s fighting mash-up, Dissidia Duodecum Final Fantasy.

Advance warning, all the dialogue is in Japanese, though I must say, it’s very clear, well paced and actually quite basic Japanese (this trailer is obviously targeting a young audience in Japan) so, if you are interested in learning the language, this is actually quite good to start off with.


*It’s actually from Jump Festa 2011 which took place in the middle of December in Japan.

Thanks bodachi.



  1. Looking good, but I feel guilty if I caught my self playing this rather than hot pursuit or brotherhood…

    • Even though Dissida is technically longer… *cough

  2. Lol… does that clown character (2:31) really have the same voice actor as the one that does buggy the clown in one piece?

    • I haven’t a clue

    • Yeah it is one of the funnier voice actors :D

    • Lol kefka is a freak

    • Yeah haha Kefka is like Jester from Devil May Cry 3… hilarious

  3. Is it just me, or does tiffa look like she has had ‘work’ done? I’m sure they weren’t that size before……

    • She’s probably just been made younger while keeping her original bust. All of the characters in the Dissidia games are made to look like teens to appeal to the target audience of the PSP in Japan.

  4. Ah, Japanese game trailers. Where nothing makes sense but they look utterly stunning. :-)

  5. Looks nice.
    but i still want a PS3 version.

  6. can’t see it…

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