iOS Dead Space Game On The Way

It looks like those that have been wanting to saw off some Necromorph limbs on the go will finally have their chance. No, I don’t mean the PSPgo, but rather iPhones, iPod Touches and maybe even the iPad.

Game Informer is reporting that a Dead Space iOS game will be coming before the end of this month.


Not only that, but they make it sound like it’s a full-fledged third person shooter with no rails to be found.  While we don’t have a title for this game yet, we do know that it’s supposed to take place between the first and second Dead Space games.

Check out the first two screens, below.

Not too shabby looking for a mobile game, eh?

Source: Game Informer.



  1. Feck it, I’m getting an iPod.
    Happy, now? ;)

  2. Wow, that looks amazing !
    Is it running on the Unreal engine ?

    • No clue. But it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • If you mean Unreal Engine 3, then I don’t think so. They used the engine that was in the godfather games.

      • Ahh, the appropriately named, ‘Godfather engine’. Thanks for the info.

  3. this make me want a new-fangled iPhone

  4. that’s cool for them i guess

  5. Bring it on! hope it looks as as slick on the ipad though

    • Won’t it be best on the iPad? or iPhone 4?

  6. wow lookes cool, *wishes i had an iPad*

  7. Screens from iPod or iPhone? – tells a different story….

    And how come when I say iDevice to people other than on TSA they’re like what? then I have to spend 3 seconds getting almost tongue twisted saying ipod, ipad, iphone… :O

  8. This is a great time to be a Dead Space fan and own an i pod/phone/pad.

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