First Look At ‘Full House Poker’

One of the games that Microsoft announced would be a part of the upcoming XBLA House Party is Full House Poker. Up until now this game has had nothing but a name to reference it to, but thanks to some new information that’s no longer the case.

As of thus far it looks like Full House Poker is going to stick with Texas Hold Em’ rules, so if you’re looking to play some 5-card stud over Xbox Live, you may be disappointed. In Full House Poker you’ll be able to pit your fictitious digital winnings against those of your opponents in tournaments of up to 30 people. Not only that, but Microsoft is planning on hosting extremely large events that will include thousands of players in large tournaments, with a game-show theme.


Something that should surprise no one is the ability to use your avatar as your character in Full House Poker. You’ll even be able to use pre-determined expressions for your avatar when you call a bet, raise, fold, etc…  Also not surprising is Windows Phone 7 support. You can link the game to your phone so that all of your winnings go in to one pot, regardless of which version you are playing.

Other than the fact that it’s coming out during the House Party, not much else is known as far as a release date or pricing goes, although, if it’s anything less than 1200 points I’d be shocked.

Personally, I’m a touch disgruntled that Texas Hold Em’ seems to be the only game of poker you can play.  At the same time, it is the most popular poker variant out there, and it will be nice to finally have a replacement for the western-themed poker game we currently have on Xbox Live.

Check below for a brief video and some screens for Full House Poker.

Source: GameInformerYouTube



  1. looks ok, shame not like 1 vs 100 where you can win prizes like games or ms points

  2. why is there no decent poker game for the ps3?

    • Actually, there is a poker game on the PSN. I forget the name of it but it has a full career mode and multiplayer. They even patched in trophies not too long ago.

      My problem with it is the same problem I have with the current XBLA poker game; It’s so bland.

  3. Is this one of Microsoft’s AAA first-party exclusives then?

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