New ‘Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 3DS’ Screens

Ubisoft has released a handfull of screens for Sam Fisher’s first outing on Nintendo’s 3DS.  A re-release of the 2005 GameCube, Xbox, and PS2 game ‘Chaos Theory’, it sees Fisher on the hunt for the ‘Masse Kernels’ who have attacked America’s infrastructure.

The game will take advantage of the fancy 3D effects capable on the 3DS, and will also make use of the mission objective system from Splinter Cell Conviction, which has key information displayed on the screen (no doubt floating out in 3D).

Source: Official Nintendo Mag



  1. Although the 3DS is no graphical power-horse there looks to be some very nice lighting, shadowing & particle effects in a couple of the images.

  2. Looks very nice, but the objective looks like it need some anti-aliasing.
    Still impressive for a handheld.

  3. Any word on whether it’s an update on the xbox version or the PS2/GC etc version?

    • It seems so, going by the last screen.

  4. Looks pretty sweet, especially the influences from Conviction.

  5. I’d rather get the HD PS3 version. For the same price as the 3DS version you can get the whole trilogy in HD and still have lots of change.

  6. I really hope I can get a 3DS this year, the games are looking good!

  7. Im always impressed when i see these screenshots for the 3ds. I was under the impression that it was gonna be the same graphical style as the ds now but with 3d features.

  8. Will the HD trilogy on the PS3 also be in 3D, like the POP HD titles?? That would be cool!!

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