Microsoft Reports A Shortage Of Xbox 360 Consoles

Although it seems strange to use as an official source, there’s a lot of news coming out of Twitter these days from some of the big-wigs in the gaming industry. One of those big names is Major Nelson, and if you follow him on Twitter, you’ll know that he likes to tweet… a lot.  There was an interesting two-part tweet from him recently that caught a lot of people’s attention.

“NPD tomorrow. I found out we ran out of consoles at end of the month (!) so don’t expect to win Dec. (1/2)”

“Jan/Feb supply is tight as well. Likely amazing YOY growth numbers for Xbox. We’ll find out tomorrow! (2/2)”

It’s no secret that the Xbox 360 is a hot console right now, especially in North America.  It’ll be interesting to see how things unfold in the coming two months, and how long it takes Microsoft to recover from this shortage.  It’ll also be interesting to see if this shortage affects sales in other regions outside of North America.


We’ll have the December NPD results to you shortly, as well as the full 2010 results for the top hardware and software in North America.

Source: Twitter (tweet 1tweet 2)



  1. Really? With the current lineup I would thought the sales would be down a little. Is there a big difference in price between 360 and ps3 in north America?

    • There’s a $100 difference between the cheapest version of each console.

  2. I think this, fanboyism aside, is an attempt to cover their backsides for the upcoming drop in sales. Thought through properly an upturn in recent console sales coupled with the vast sales of Kinect should surely mean a boost in game sales ? Time will tell but I reckon the line up of 2011 ps3 exclusives is quite intimidating to Microsoft execs right now and this is the real reason for the tweet. Be it based on fact or opinion.

    • Could be possible. With LBP2 and ME2 coming out on the PS3 in January…

      • 2011 is the definitive year is the HD War. I think Sony will take over the 360 in the few remaining regions it already hasnt this year. When you think of how much advertising is hammered by the 360, it kinda makes you wonder really, why they waste so much money on the annoying adverts? The hold they have on the market doesnt really justify the amount they spend on Advertsing.

    • I’ve always said this, considering MS bombards the world with it’s aggressive marketing campeigns and sony do next to nothing besides general advertising they aren’t doing too badly in terms of sales. There is only something like 4-6 million units difference in between the two at last count and that can easily be recitified this year, especially with Sony’s exclusive line up.

  3. Be it resolved that Micorsoft was selling Xbox’s for $129 off of $200 and they (the 4GB model) were the only ones to really sell out in stores. So if they are saying that that particular model is running low, I am unsurprised and less impressed than if they are running out across all versions.

    Just tried out Kinect for the first time tonight. Loads of fun to just pose for the camera in various rude/funny/questionable poses in Adventures. Can see it getting old fast though.

    • The ‘selling out in stores’ comment was purely anecdotal from my Xmas shopping experience.

  4. shortage, eh?
    That would be people buying three XBOX360’s due to the RROD :D

    • Or they were to lazy to make them.

  5. I’m genuinely surprised Kinect is doing so well (supposedly). It’s obviously shifting consoles although I gotta say, I see no shortage of XBox’s around my area. Gotta wonder if both Sony and MS talk bullshit more often than we think.

  6. There were 360’s in abundance in my area, I’m not surprised it’s doing well in America, it always is, just like Sony and Nintendo in the Orient. I find the best place to test the validity of these types of claims is in Europe, it’s the fairest playing ground I think.

    • I’ve never thought of it that way but there’s probably some truth to that.

    • Nah take China .

  7. Maybe an attempt at shortage creating demand???

  8. there are some awesome deals on the net for the 360 atm. my other half ordered one 250 gig with kinect and 2 kinect games for £232 sheets. apparently that company have run out of 250 gig models so r sending out 4 gig models but then taking a further 50 sheets of the 232 sheet price. alot of it i think is new year and alot of people want to use it to lose weight.

  9. In America, perhaps. In Britain, no. In Cardiff, everywhere ran out of 4GBs, yes. But there were endless 250GBs and Kinect Bundled 4GBs/250GBs, and our GAME store had about 50-60 Kinects piled up, waiting to be sold. Only ever a few Wiis though, as Nintendo again failed to deliver enough.

  10. ha! yeah right they’re just trying to make themselves sound good that’s all.

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