New ‘Splinter Cell 3D’ Screens

Yet another solid looking launch title for the Nintendo 3DS is ‘Splinter Cell 3D.’ We gave you a batch of screenshots from this title a few weeks ago, but we’re back today with a few fresh ones.  It was originally thought that this game was going to be called ‘Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 3D’ but Ubisoft seems to have cut the ‘Chaos Theory’ out of the title.  It looks as though the game’s theme borrows heavily from Conviction, an Xbox 360/PC iteration of the Splinter Cell franchise that launched last year.

As noted above, Splinter Cell 3D will be one of the many titles available at the launch of the Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Gaming Age


  1. I’m not convinced of the 3DS. Engadgets report is that they turned it off on all the games they tried do far and that it gave one of them headaches.

    • Yeah… see that’s exactly what I was wondering about! I have been wondering if it will auto-adjust the 3D effect based on some presets in the game being played, or if the 3D settings are set manually by the user… and from that article, it sounds like it is totally up to the player. Here are the two quotes that have me thinking… no thank you!

      “Expect to keep your arms locked in place while playing, and we’d advise against anyone trying to look over your shoulder to follow along.” – wow, sounds like a great time.

      “Our own Nilay Patel has had a headache since this morning’s playing session, as has columnist-at-large Michael Gartenberg.” – the instructions say to take some Advil before gaming. :)

  2. Game line up is really up there with the 3DS!

    Really up there!

  3. It will melt your eyes, lol
    I’m more looking forward to the Splinter Cell HD Trilogy for the PS3, as long as its not the PS2 versions…

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