What is Kojima’s Devil Project?

And resurrecting dead characters?

Japanese übermensch director Hideo Kojima is known as someone who likes to have multiple fingers in multiple pies. Noted for his obsessiveness with the Metal Gear Solid series, the gaming maven also likes to collaborate with other directors and teams to keep things fresh.

Tweeting today, Kojima seems to be juggling that one bugbear all managers struggle with – time-management. He said:

Have to give priority to another line’s scenario etc., so now I cannot work on “the devil project” and “writing”.

Before continuing:

Worked on my “devil project” a bit after lunch. An experiment went well. Plot adjustment. Additional project. Phew.. now another line.

What is Kojima’s “Devil Project”? Start your speculation below.

In other Kojima Twitter news, the director also revealed recently how he has performed a Lazarus on one of his characters. He said:

I brought back a character I killed before. Kind of cool.

Gray Fox?

Source: Twitter


  1. The End…..one of my favourite boss battles ever!

  2. Gray Fox would be awesome. I can already see it, RESURRECTED BY NANO MACHINES.

  3. Gray Fox sounds a good bet to me, or possibly Master Miller wasnt really assassinated? This is all assuming he’s talking about Metal Gear of course. And maybe he’s talking about a prequel rather than setting it after they died.

  4. Well as solid snake died after MGS4 he could come back but unlickly I think it will be everyones faveret cyborg ninja GRAY FOX you can see him now jumpimg around your screen in orenge and white looking all cool I would love it but if you can bring back snake to that would awesome the two of them running about killing the bad guys haha

    Ps: sorry about the spelling did this on my phone.

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