Hudson Entertainment Shutting Down

Hudson Entertainment’s brand manager, Morgan Haro, revealed today that Hudson Entertainment will be closing its doors at the end of this month. The studio, which is located in California, was responsible for Hudson’s releases in North America. All of Hudson Entertainment’s planned projects have been canceled as a result.

This news comes shortly after last month’s announcement that Hudson Soft was fully acquired by parent company Konami. According to Haro, Hudson Soft will not be closing down and it’s likely that the Japan-based studio will focus on developing social games. Unfortunately, it seems that the San Mateo offices are no longer required.


Haro goes on to describe some of the challenges Hudson Soft faced and how Japan is having a hard time keeping up with Western game development. It’s quite an interesting read. There’s even a note to Bloody Roar fans letting them know that their cries were always heard. Morgan revealed that he was personally pushing for the fighting game series to make a return in some capacity, but it looks like that won’t be happening anymore.

I had the pleasure of meeting Morgan Haro at E3 last year and it really saddens me to read this news. He’s a really awesome guy that knows his games and I’m sure the team at Hudson Entertainment were all just as passionate. We can only hope that everyone finds a new job as soon as possible.

Source: Experience Points via MorganHaro



  1. Tsk…I was hoping to see a Bloody Roar this gen.

    • Was is on the Playstation or 2? I seen footage of it but I was never able to see it in stores

      • The series started on the PS1 for the first two games. The series also made appearances on the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube.

  2. Bad times! Is Bomberman Husdon or Hudsonsoft?
    On another note… are you going to E3 this year Delriach? because that would be good news!

    • Bomberman was a Hudson Soft property and the games released in NA were published by Hudson Ent. I don’t know what happens now. I would assume that it will all be handled by Konami since they took over the company in Japan and now that there is no office in North America.

      I’m not sure if I’ll be going to E3 this year. Why would that be good news though?

      • Hands on reporting, direct from the event :D

      • Lol ah yes, that would make sense. Haha.

    • Someone else might be going to E3. Just saying …

  3. NO MORE BOMBERMAN?!?!? but seriously, this is a shock, ive always liked hudson games. Bloody roar was a great fighting game and was hoping to see it again some day :(

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