New ‘LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars’ Trailer

A new trailer for LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars has surfaced, and whilst some people may be tiring of the LEGO gameplay mechanic there’s no denying the humour and charm are still there.

The game is due out on pretty much everything in existence next month.


Source: Bigdownload



  1. Dont like the clone wars … but this still looks like a good Lego Star Wars game

  2. Is it bad that I’m 20 and I still really want this!?

    • Is it bad that I want this and turn 37 next week?

      • Not at all, not quite there but I do and I’m 33 this year.

        I fully expect to be owning Lego well into my 40s!

  3. Love that the trailer has the clone wars syle narration. Also, I spotted Ventress near the end of it, which is brilliant.

  4. Looks like the graphics engine has been tweaked a fair bit and the battle looked awesome.

  5. I’m 32 and I just said awesome. Dude.

    • Word.

      • Good to see you still have your finger on the knob of youth.

      • Tee-hee, you just said ‘knob’, lulz!

  6. Coolio.

    Remember playing a normal Star Wars game on the Dreamcast and it was good. This however looks ace. I wont buy it, but it looks ace :-)

  7. Lego Indiana Jones 4 is still the only game ever that is better then the movie :-D

  8. Lovely, can see me renting this at some point.

  9. Travellers tales, doing what Lucasarts can’t…how ironic!

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